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The Research and Development Centre (RESDEC) of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria- a model research coordinating effort in an African university.

Oyewole, Olusola B.


The University of Agriculture , Abeokuta, Nigeria was established in 1988. Within its short life, it has come to be rated as one of the best universities in Nigeria. In the maiden and second Universities Research Fair organized by the National Universities Commission in Nigeria, the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta was rated in the first position as the best research university in Nigeria in 2004 and 2005. The major moving force to the success of the university in research is the Research and Development Centre(RESDEC) of the university. Funds for research were low but the university was focused in making research to be relevant to its mandate. Some constraints to the development of research in sub-Saharan Africa were highlighted. This report is focused on the vision, policies and management of research in the Centre which can serve as a model to many African universities in view of the paucity of funds for research in the continent. Some of the strategies adopted by the centre to promote research include:

• extra funding for research through internally generated revenues
• organization of training programme and Workshops that promote research
• university matching grant for externally funded research
• establishment of the Centre for International Cooperation and Linkages to support
research collaboration and networking.
• promotion of Annual Research Fair and local research extension festivals
• collaboration with local industries and their involvement in the University
• special lecture series – extended openly to any foreign researcher visiting the
• promoting active participation in national agricultural research networks
• hosting of national research oriented meetings and conferences.
• participation in national research fairs

Research productivity which is the recognizable output of research is an important concern to the University.  The responsibility for assessing the institutional research productivity is hinged on the government and the government agency for regulating higher education and factors that are considered include:

(i) relevance of research to local needs and developments
(ii) local impacts as testified by local end-users
(iii) students applications, quality and innovations
(iv) contributions to local and international Journals, books and other publications.

The conventional method of assessing research productivity by the number of publications is in use at the University of Agriculture. However, there are additional requirements for quality and relevance of publication which is usually ranked by at least two superiors, within the Faculty. A national exercise had been carried out by the National Universities Commission to rank local journals and the ranking of the journal affects the ranking of the publications. In addition to research journal publication, the University of Agriculture also introduce the assessment of research extension and the ability to attract external grants as criteria for assessing productivity, and the ratings of these equally assessed by at least two superiors in the faculty. The following suggestions were proffered for promoting research productivity:

• regular institutional staff research need analysis
• promotion of research leadership and management training programmes
• research environment, and infrastructural enhancement
• continuous capacity cnhancement for researchers
• promotion of linkages and collaborations
• funding improvements
• research efforts recognition

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Title of Paper: The Research and Development Centre (RESDEC) of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria- a model research coordinating effort in an African university.

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Oyewole, Olusola B. (2006). The Research and Development Centre (RESDEC) of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria- a model research coordinating effort in an African university. Paper presented at the Second International Colloquium on Research and Higher Education Policy, International Institute for Educational Planning, Paris, 2006.