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Title Author
The impact of race, gender, and culture in South African higher education Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng; Mawila, Kaluke
Women in higher education management: the Nigerian context Williams, Grace Alele
University-level education for women in the developing world: questions for public policy Herz, Barbara
Female participation in African universities: issues of concern and possible action Masanja, Verdiana; Karega, Regina; Kasente, Deborah; Mboya, Mary; Kadi, Alzouma; Simelane, Nomcebo; Nyamu, Florence
Gender in the making of the Nigerian university system Pereira, Charmaine
Restore, reform but do not transform: the gender politics of higher education in Africa Mama, Amina
Gender equity in students enrolment in the universities in Nigeria Onokala, P.C.; Onwurah, C.U.
Challenging gender inequality in higher education: attitudes of teaching staff and administrators at the University of Buea, Cameroon Mbongo Endeley, Joyce B.; Nchang Ngaling, Margaret
Lost in liberalism: a case study of the disappearance of the gender agenda at a South African university Shackleton, Lesley
Equal opportunities in educational management in institutions of higher learning: an agenda for gender Chipunza, Linda
Achieving sustainable development through women's leadership positions in higher institutions. Okecha, R.E.; Idogho, P.O.
Challenges and pressures facing the academic profession in South Africa Koen, Charlton
‘I won’t be squeezed into someone else’s frame’: stories of supervisor selection Harrison, Liz; McKenna, Sioux; Searle, Ruth
Burnout, work engagement and sense of coherence in female academics in higher-education institutions in South Africa Bezuidenhout,Adéle; Frans, V.N. Cilliers
Career success of women academics in South Africa Sarah, Riordan; Joha, Louw-Potgieter
Marriage as a mechanism: women’s education and wealth in Malawi Spell, S; ANglewicz, P; Kohler, Hans-Peter
How Women in higher education negotiate work and home: a study of selected women at a university in South Africa Bhana, Deevia; Pillay, Venitha
Increasing access and equity in higher education: gender issues Mlama, P.M.
Making meaning of adversity: experiences of women leaders in higher education Diehl, Amy B.
Reflections of black women faculty in South African universities Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
Hear our voices!: women and the transformation of South African higher education Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
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