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Title Author
University-industry linkages’ literature on Sub-Saharan Africa: systematic literature review and bibliometric account Zavale, NC; Langa, P
Funding of academic research in Nigerian universities Donwa, Patience
Regional cooperation in higher education in Africa-achievements and prospects: the case of the African Network and Scientific and Technological Institutions ( ANSTI ) Massaquoi, J.G.M.
Communication culture within Nigerian universities: gender dimensions, obstacles and influence on the work-role of the academics Anyakoha, Elizabeth U.; Uzuegbunam, Anthony O.; Ezeike, Kodilichukwa S.
Perception and control of secret cult and gang-induced difficulties for quality living and learning in Nigerian universities: the case study of universities in the Middle Belt Zone. Smah, Sam O.
Politics of participatory decision making in campus governance Obondoh, Andiwo
Change and transformation in Ghana's publicly funded univerisites: a study of experiences, lessons and opportunities Manuh, Takyiwaa; Gariba, Sulley; Budu, Joseph
New pathways to sustainability: African universities in a globalising world Swartz, Derrick
Graduate unemployment in Uganda: socioeconomic factors exonerating university training Ssempebwa, Jude
Gender in the making of the Nigerian university system Pereira, Charmaine
The role played by universities and their agents in political and educational change in Cameroon Mandjack, Albert; Folefack, Ernest; Pokam, Hilaire De Prince; Ngwe, Luc
Financing university education libraries in Zambia Simui, Muyoyeta H.; Kanyengo, Christine W.
The conceptual map for university effectiveness Nkata, James
Rethinking the exclusive jurisdiction of Nigerian universities in academic matters Nwauche, Enyinna S.
The Nigerian scientific community: the colossus with feet of clay Chatelin, Yvon; Gaillard, Jacques; Keller, Anne Sophie
Job satifaction and dissatisfaction of university academics: perspectives from Uganda. Ssesanga, Karim N.A
Scientific communities in Egypt: emergence and effectiveness Zahlan, A.B.
Kenya: crisis in the scientific community Eisemon, Thomas Owen; Davis, Charles H.
Pursuing gender equality in the African university Mama, Amina
The African universities' capacity to participate in global higher education supply and production: a case of Uganda. Kasozi, A.B.K.
Higher education in economic transformation Juma, Calestous; Sherrard, Daniel; Zaglul, Jose
Reinventing growth: science, technology and innovation in Africa Juma, Calestous
Training researchers in Tanzania-the experience of the university of Dar es Salaam Maganga, Faustin P.
Optical fibre for education and research networks in Eastern and Southern Africa Adam, Lishan; Bagula, Antoine; Chikumbi, Godfrey; Comstedt, Anders; Martin, Duncan; Muchanga, Americo; Ngwira, Margaret; Nkusi, Issa; Pehrson, Bjorn
Research training: the Kenyan experience Wandiga, Shem O.
Gender and research attainment in Nigerian agricultural universities Oloruntoba, Abayomi; Ajayi, Michael Tunde
The gap between the demand for and supply of university education in Nigeria (1979 - 2002). Oyebade, S.A.; Keshinro, O.A.
Higher education in Africa: crisis, reforms and transformation Assie-Lumumba, N'dri T.
The call for an African university: a critical reflection Van Wyk, Berte; Higgs, Philip
Universities and social transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: global rhetoric and local contradictions Lebeau, Yann
The implementation of recognition of prior learning at universities and technikons in South Africa 2003 Breier, Mignonne; Burness, Andre
The brain drain phenomenon in Nigeria and struggles by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to redress it Yaqub, Nuhu
University interventions in improving the teaching of science and mathematics in community day secondary schools in Malawi: assessment of the impact Saiti, Alice
Ugandan university professors' priorities and resources in educational research: some preliminary survey results. Hite, Steven; Mugimu, Christopher
Promoting and managing links with universities in Africa Ebong, M.B.
Staff retention in African universities: elements of a sustainable strategy Tettey, Wisdom J.
Public university, private funding: the challenges in East Africa Nyagotti-Chacha, Chacha
Aggressive behaviour in education institutions: theoretical perspectives and implications for school and university managers in Uganda. Mpaata, Kaziba A.
Improving income from internally generated funds without provoking students or staff strikes at Makerere and other universities. Mayanja, Muhammad K.
Mind the gap: an exploration of participant expectations and facilitator intentions via an analysis of outcomes of workshops held at three Ugandan universities. Mbali, Charlotte
Government philanthropy towards private universities in Uganda and its implications for access, equity and quality of higher education: the case of Bugema University. Katamba, Paul
The role of universities in creating ICT awareness, literacy and expertise: experiences from Tanzanian public universities. Lwoga, E.T.; Sife, A.S.; Busagala, L.S.P.; Chilimo, W.
Challenges to development and indigenous knowledge management: informing university ICT pedagogical frameworks in Africa. Kanakulya, T.D.
The role of national universities commissions in university administration: a critique. Anumnu, Stella I.
University admission practices in Nigeria: some untoward consequences. Onyene, V.E
Towards an improved assessment and examination system in institutions of higher learning in Uganda. Opolot-Okurut, Charles
Funding higher education in Nigeria: crucial issues. Oguntoye, A.O.O.
Building a university student customer base: is it a neglected issue? Mpaata, Kaziba A.
Coping with the challenges of higher education in the twenty-first century. Kajubi, William Senteza
Challenges facing African universities: selected issues Sawyerr, Akilagpa
The influence of the socio-political setting on university development: the Ugandan experience. Mugerwa, Eric B.
Access and equity to higher education in Uganda: Whose children attend university and are paid for by the state? Kasozi, A.B.K
Integration of total quality management in the management of universities in Uganda. Neema, Aboki P.
Corporate governance and financial performance of public universities in Uganda. Akodo, Robinah; Moya, Musa
E-Learning platform usage by students in institutions of higher learning. Moya, Musa; Akodo, Robinah
Impact of religious affiliation on the alienation of staff from their co-workers in Nigerian universities. Duvie, Adanma Nnekwu; Ogunsanya, Mobolaji
Frameworks for Africa-UK Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Harle, Jonathan
The need for a strong and effective public-private partnership in the provision of higher education in Uganda. Kayongo, Paul
Human resource management related factors affecting performance among part-time academic staff in Ugandan Public Universities. Barifaijo, Maria K.; Nkata, James, L.; Ssempebwa, Jude
A Consideration of the adequacy of teaching facilities in the universities of the South Western Zone of Nigeria. Bakare, T.V.
Explaining the underutilization of higher education research in the formulation of Africa's socio-economic development policies: the case of Uganda. Kasenene, Edris, S.
Private universities in Uganda: growth and role(s) in the provision of higher education. Mugabi, Henry
University education for sustainable national development: implications for university leadership, management and society. Baligide, Samuel
University education in the period of unstable academic calender: the case of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria. Adeogun, A.A.; Osifila, G.I.
The recognition of prior learning in higher education: the case of the University of the Western Cape. Hendricks, Mohammed Natheem
An analysis of university policy responses in the Western Cape to government policy on the recognition of prior learning. Mobarak, Kaashiefa
Education for sustainable development: implications for university managers, Government and the private sector in Uganda. Baligidde, H. Samuel; Ssempebwa, Jude
Gender disparities in the output of graduates from Nigerian universities 1990 to 2000: implications for national development. Ilusanya, Gboyega; Oyebade, Stephen A.
Research capacity development of individuals at three South African university research centres. Dison, Arona
The design, implementation and evaluation of student support and development services in further education and training colleges in South Africa. Ferreira, Stephanus Lourens
Senteza Kajubi's philosophy of widening access to higher education and its implications for research and development in Uganda. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
Information Seeking Behaviour of Generation Y Students at the Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service. Adams, Lindall Elaine.
Universities and the mobilization of claims of excellence for competitive advantage Gerald Wangenge-Ouma; Patricio V, Langa
ICT: A Status Review of ICT in Universities in the SADC Region (Studies Series 2007) Twinomugisha, Alex
Transforming traditions: a study of researchers in higher education Smith, Maria Jane
Legal frameworks for higher education governance in Sub-Saharan Africa Saint, William
The crisis of governance in Kenya's public universities: reflections on national politics and institutional decline Munene, Irunugu
Students selection for university course admission at the joint admissions board (Kenya) using trained neural networks Wabwoba, Franklin; Mwakondo, Fullgence M.
Re-envisioning the scholarship of engagement: lessons from a university-school partnership project for mathematics and science teaching Ndlovu, Mdutshekelwa
An analysis of female research productivity in Nigerian universities Ogbogu, Christiana O.
African studies and universities since independence Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe
Government, universities and the HSRC: a perspective on the past and present Chisholm, Linda; Morrow, Seán
Organization of Nigerian universities and workers’ productivity Ifedili, CJ; Ifedili, Chidiebele
Digital inequalities and implications for social inequalities: A study of Internet penetration amongst university students in South Africa Oyedemi, T K
Strategic planning of higher education institutions in africa: a case study of the University of Dar-es-Salaam Luhanga, Matthew
Theoretical framework of the factors affecting university academic's job satisfaction Basak, SJ; Govender, DW
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