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On curricula for creating human capital needed for ICT-led economic growth: case of Faculty of Computing and IT, Makerere University Baryamureeba, Venansius
The state of higher education: a report of a survey of Uganda's institutions of higher learning National Council for Higher Education (Uganda)
The emergence of the East African Institute of Higher Education Studies and Development in Makerere University Sekabembe, Beatrice
Restore, reform or transform forestry education in Uganda? Buyinza, Mukadasi; Vedeld, Pal
Forestry education as a corporate social responsibility in Uganda Buyinza, Mukadasi
Teacher education models and their implication to teacher training at the School of Education, Makerere University Ssentamu, Namubiru
Adhering to research ethics in coping with field research challenges Rwengabo, Sabastiano
ICT as an engine for Uganda's economic growth: the role and opportunities for Makerere University Baryamureeba, Venansius
Funding higher education in Uganda: a case for the liberalisation of fees Ssempebwa, Jude
Graduate unemployment in Uganda: socioeconomic factors exonerating university training Ssempebwa, Jude
Quality assurance in open distance education-towards a culture of quality: a case study from the Kyambogo University, Uganda Binns, Felicity; Otto, Aron
Development impact of higher education in Africa: the case of Uganda Obwona, Marios; Ssewanyana, Sarah N.
Towards making university education relevant to social needs through curriculum reviews. Katunguka, Samwiri
The state of higher education 2005: executive summary Kasozi, A.B.K.
Utilization of electronic information resources by academic staff at Makerere University. Agaba, D.M.; Kigongo-Bukenya, I.M.N; Nyumba, J.B.
Collaboration with HEIs: a key capacity building block for the Uganda water and sanitation public sector. Kayaga, Sam
Job satifaction and dissatisfaction of university academics: perspectives from Uganda. Ssesanga, Karim N.A
Institutionalization, perspectives, challenges, and pedagogical dimmensions of the English language in the education systems of former British Colonies in Africa: the case of Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Masembe, C. S.
Intellectual property rights in Uganda: reform and institutional management policy formulation. Bakibinga, David J.
ICTs and higher education in Africa Ngugi, Catherine; Irungu, Nancy; Muwonge, Benon; Langa, Patricio Vitorino; Pederson, Jakob; Butcher, Neil; Hoosen, Sarah; Moll, Ian; Adam, Fatima; Backhouse, Judy; Mhlanga, Ephraim
The African universities' capacity to participate in global higher education supply and production: a case of Uganda. Kasozi, A.B.K.
Three years of collaboration in the basic sciences: Uganda-Norway Lillethun, Endre
Strategic management in institutions of higher learning: the case of Makerere University. Olum, Yasin
Graduate tracer and employers' expectations studies National Council for Higher Education, (NCHE); Makerere Institute of Social Research, (MISR); Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, (CHEPS)
Experiences of sexual harassment of female and male students at Makerere University Nyende, P
Education institutions in decentralization. Nakanyike, B. Musisi; Atim, David Kenneth; Ngabu, William Kwemara; Mukunya, Francis
Curriculum and democracy: implication of the linkage on today's basic education curriculum. Ocheng, Mary, T.K.
Private higher education in Uganda: the case of its distribution, contribution to access and costs. Nkata, James L.
The impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda Katahoire, Anne R.; Kirumira, Edward K.
Management of workforce diversity: issues and lessons for organizations Maicibi, Alhas Nok
Ugandan university professors' priorities and resources in educational research: some preliminary survey results. Hite, Steven; Mugimu, Christopher
Uganda needs quality educational research. Mugimu, Christopher B.; Hite, Steven J.
The crime of arson in organizations and its strategic implications for education managers in Uganda. Mpaata, Kaziba A.
Aggressive behaviour in education institutions: theoretical perspectives and implications for school and university managers in Uganda. Mpaata, Kaziba A.
Adequate funding of higher education. Kayongo, Paul
Improving income from internally generated funds without provoking students or staff strikes at Makerere and other universities. Mayanja, Muhammad K.
Integration of ICT in organisations: challenges and best practice recommendations based on the experience of Makerere University and other organisations. Tusubira, F.F.; Mulira, Nora
Mind the gap: an exploration of participant expectations and facilitator intentions via an analysis of outcomes of workshops held at three Ugandan universities. Mbali, Charlotte
Government philanthropy towards private universities in Uganda and its implications for access, equity and quality of higher education: the case of Bugema University. Katamba, Paul
On student access and equity in a reforming university: Makerere in the 1990s and beyond. Kwesiga, Joy C.; Ahikire, Josephine
Towards an improved assessment and examination system in institutions of higher learning in Uganda. Opolot-Okurut, Charles
Organizational Characteristics as Correlates of ICT adoption in Makerere University. Bakkabulindi, F.E.K.; Nkata, J.L.; Amin, Martin E.
Options for college formation in higher education: the choice for East African School of Library and Information Science (EASLIS), Makerere University. Magara, Elisam; Matovu, James
The influence of the socio-political setting on university development: the Ugandan experience. Mugerwa, Eric B.
Repositioning the Role and Pedagogy of Teachers in Higher Education in the Context of Privatisation: The Case of Makerere University, Uganda Nakabugo, Mary Goretti
Access and equity to higher education in Uganda: Whose children attend university and are paid for by the state? Kasozi, A.B.K
Supervisor-Supervisee relationship: a rose without thorns? Nakabugo, Mary Goretti; Ssebunga Masembe, Connie
The impact of ICT on Universities: classroom/lecture theatre design and curriculum delivery. Asifiwe, Collins Gyavira Rubanju
Higher education, finance and development. Tumusiime-Mutebire, Emmanuel
Challenges and prospects for quality assurance in science and technology education in African Universities. Okwakol, Mary J. N.
Integration of total quality management in the management of universities in Uganda. Neema, Aboki P.
The plight and failures of the academic staff in public universities. Kasozi, A.B.K.
The University Staff Job Satisfaction Challenge and its Implications for National Council for Higher Education: An Empirical Evidence. Mpaata, Kaziba A.
Corporate governance and financial performance of public universities in Uganda. Akodo, Robinah; Moya, Musa
Perceived characteristics as correlates of ICT adoption in Makerere University. Bakkabulindi, Fred E. K.; Nkata, James L.; Amin, Martin E.
The need for a strong and effective public-private partnership in the provision of higher education in Uganda. Kayongo, Paul
Effect of cost on the quality of MBA Programmes in Ugandan Universities. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
A Model for Scaffolding Traditional Distance Learners in Africa for Constructivistic Online Learning. Muyinda, Paul B.; Lubega, Jude T.; Lynch, Kathy
Human resource management related factors affecting performance among part-time academic staff in Ugandan Public Universities. Barifaijo, Maria K.; Nkata, James, L.; Ssempebwa, Jude
Explaining the underutilization of higher education research in the formulation of Africa's socio-economic development policies: the case of Uganda. Kasenene, Edris, S.
Programme delivery quality benchmarks and outcomes based education at Uganda Management Institute: a correlational approach. Basheka, Benon C.; Muhenda, Mary Basaasa; Kittobe, John
Private universities in Uganda: growth and role(s) in the provision of higher education. Mugabi, Henry
The challenges of repackaging traditional knowledge in the context of intellectual property rights: case of Zimbabwe and Uganda. Chisita, Collence; Kaddu, Sarah
Heavy job or heavy top? role of vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor, university secretary, bursar and academic registrar at Makerere University. Ssempebwa, Jude
Do knowledge management practices in institutions of learning affect innovation: empirical findings from management development institutes in Uganda and Tanzania. Muhenda, Mary Basaasa; Lwanga, Elizabeth Kawuma; Wanderage, Agatha
University education for sustainable national development: implications for university leadership, management and society. Baligide, Samuel
Knowledge management strategies and performance improvement in management development institutes: empirical findings from the Ugandan and Tanzanian context. Muhenda, Mary Basaasa; Lwanga, Elizabeth Kawuma; Wanderage, Agatha
Education for sustainable development: implications for university managers, Government and the private sector in Uganda. Baligidde, H. Samuel; Ssempebwa, Jude
Effect of qualification in ICT, age and income on use of computers among postgraduate students in Makerere University School of Education. Bakkabulindi, F. E. K.; Sekabembe, Beatrice; Shopi, J.M.; Kiyingi, G.
Senteza Kajubi's philosophy of widening access to higher education and its implications for research and development in Uganda. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
Terms of Service and Job retention in Makerere University Amutuhaire, Tibelius
Scientific capital and engagement in African Universities: the case of the social science at Makerere University Langa, Pactricio V
Life on the Hill: students and the social history of Makerere Mills, David
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