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Title Author
Student perceptions of institutional racial climate Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
‘Why mouth all the pieties?’ Black and women academics’ revelations about discourses of ‘transformation’ at an historically white South African university Belluigi, DN; Thondhlana, G
Alternative models to traditional higher education: market demand, networks and private sector challenges Sall, Ebrima
National policy and regional response in South African higher education Cloete, Nico; Pillay, Pundy; Badat, Saleem; Moja, Teboho
Financing higher education in post-apartheid South Africa: trends, developments, and challenges ahead Ishengoma, Johnson
Equity in higher education Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F.
Higher education in Africa: crisis, reforms and transformation Assie-Lumumba, N'dri T.
Managing integrity: policy and institutional perspectives for Egyptian higher education Badrawi, Hossam
Does the national plan effectively address the critical issues facing higher education? Jansen, Jonathan
Changes and continuities in South Africa's higher education system, 1994-2004 Jansen, Jonathan
Knowledge and the limits to institutional restructuring: the case of South African higher education Muller, Johan
Transforming higher education system in Nigeria for sustainable development. Olaleye, Adedayo O.
Transformation amongst staff and students at the University of Cape Town: Challenges and Prospects. Andrews, Hilda.
Transforming distance learning in South Africa with emerging technologies: the academic view. Erasmus, Margaretha
The changing face of redress in South Africa (1990 - 2005) Moja, Teboho; Hayward, Fred
Exploring constitutive meanings of educational transformation in South Africa Van Wyk, Berte
Rebuilding Higher Education in Zimbabwe: Implications for Regional Collaboration Watson, Pam; Kotecha, Piyushi; Perold, Helene; Chetsanga, Christopher; Burke, Mark
Curriculum responses to a changing national and global environment in an African context Ekong, Donald; Cloete, Nico
The Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa: How Much Have We Achieved? Perceptions of Policy Developments 1997-2003 and Outlook for the Next Five Years Luescher, Thierry; Symes, Ashley
The University in Africa and Democratic Citizenship: Hothouse or Training Ground? Thierry M Luescher-Mamashela; S Kiiru, R Mattes, A M Mwollo-ntallima; N, Ng’ethe; M, Romo.
Funding and the attainment of transformation goals in South Africa's higher education Wangenge-Ouma, Gerald
Responsiveness and innovation in higher education restructuring: the South African case Muller, Johan
Transforming traditions: a study of researchers in higher education Smith, Maria Jane
Tensions between 'fitness of purpose' and 'fitness for purpose': the introduction of a national quality assurance system in South Africa Luckett, Kathy
Beyond reforms: the politics of higher education transformation in Africa Aina, Tade Akin
Public sociology and the transformation of the university Anthea, Metcalfe; Jacklyn, Cock
Mapping our way to coherence, alignment and responsiveness Bester, M; Scholtz, D
Audit of SRC elections at 21 universities and technikons in South Africa from 2002-2004 Koen, Charlton; Cele, Mlungisi; Libhaber, Ariel (compiled by Michelle Buchler)
Beyond Engagement Exploring Tensions between the Academic Core and Engagement Activities at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa VanSchalkwyk, Francois; Bailey, Tracy
Symbolism and substance: towards an understanding of change and continuity in South African higher education Subotzky, George
Hear our voices!: women and the transformation of South African higher education Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
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