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Title Author
Conflict management and resolution skills for managers of tertiary education institutions: a training manual Effah, Paul; Mensa-Bonsu, Henrietta, J.A.N.
Mechanics of dispute resolution for managers of tertiary education institutions: a training manual Effah, Paul; Mensa-Bonsu, Henrietta J.A.N
Governance of tertiary education institutions in Ghana Effah, Paul; Mensa-Bonsu, Henrietta J.A.N.
Recruitment of international students into Cameroon tertiary institutions in the absence of international offices Tanga, P.T.; Stears, L.H.
Lecturer-students' perception of the causes, effects and management patterns of students' unrest in tertiary institutions. Chinyere, N. Alimba
The Final Ends of Higher Education in Light of an African Moral Theory Metz, Thaddeus
The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the development of technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Obadara, Olabanji; Adenaide, F. Abisoye
Financial resource allocation and organizational effectiveness in colleges of legal and Islamic studies in Nigeria. Abdulrahman, S. O.; Bamiduro, J.A.
Economic significance of clothing and textiles education in tertiary institutions for sustainable development in Nigeria. Chinwe, Obunadike Joy
Do knowledge management practices in institutions of learning affect innovation: empirical findings from management development institutes in Uganda and Tanzania. Muhenda, Mary Basaasa; Lwanga, Elizabeth Kawuma; Wanderage, Agatha
Planning technical and vocational education for youth empowerment in Nigeria. Okunola, P.O.; Madumere, S.C.; Ogundiran, S.O.
Applying the general systems theory to students' conflict management in Nigeria's tertiary institutions. Oyebade, S.A.
Teaching resources and teaching effectiveness in selected colleges of education and polytechnics. Fabiyi, Anne; Fagbamiye, E.O.
The Demand for Tertiary Education in South Africa Brandson, Nicola; Liebbrandt, Murray; Zuze, Tia
The development of a comprehensive peer buddies program in a merged tertiary institution: the University of Johannesburg Naicker, M; Boshoff, N; Maritz, G; Fourie, A
Towards higher education in a post-neoliberal future: A comment on Ethiopia Zehle, Jana
Present-day dillemas and challenges of the South African tertiary system Mouton, N; Louw, GP; Strydom, GL
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