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Title Author
Enhancing academic progression of technical and vocational students into tertiary institutions in Ghana Atsu, A. M.
The Tanzanian experience in initiating and sustaining tertiary education reforms Luhanga, Matthew L.
Economic growth and the need for expanded tertiary education in Ghana Ayisi, Gabriel A.
Some thoughts about tertiary education in Nigeria: historical lessons from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology ( LAUTECH ) Oke, Olusegun L.; Ajirotutu, Cheryl S.
Planning technical and vocational education for youth empowerment in Nigeria. Okunola, P.O.; Madumere, S.C.; Ogundiran, S.O.
Transforming distance learning in South Africa with emerging technologies: the academic view. Erasmus, Margaretha
Some Structural Changes in Educational Enrolment and Attainment Levels within the Female Population of South Africa (2004-2007). Ramaipato, Nkutloeleng Mary Corda.
The Demand for Tertiary Education in South Africa Brandson, Nicola; Liebbrandt, Murray; Zuze, Tia
Who Will Pay and Who benefits from Ecuador’s new free higher education? David, Post
The impact of globalisation on higher education: Achieving a balance between local and global needs and realities Meyer, Marius; Bushney, Melanie; Ukpere, Wilfred I.
Towards higher education in a post-neoliberal future: A comment on Ethiopia Zehle, Jana
Developing and validating tools to assess postgraduate service quality and the postgraduate service experience Govender, KK
Present-day dillemas and challenges of the South African tertiary system Mouton, N; Louw, G. P; Strydom, G. L.
Present-day dillemas and challenges of the South African tertiary system Mouton, N; Louw, GP; Strydom, GL
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