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Title Author
State of science and technology training institutions in Africa African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI)
Higher education in Nigeria: a status report Saint, William; Hartnett, Teresa A.; Strassner, Erich
Can problem based learning improve academic performance? Owolabi, Samuel Olajide; Kyolaba, Diana Sarah
Higher education research to generate alternative educational models in view of the inadequacies of the formal educational system: cases observed in Madagascar Rakotozafy Harison, Jean-Baptiste Joseph
Mind the gap: an exploration of participant expectations and facilitator intentions via an analysis of outcomes of workshops held at three Ugandan universities. Mbali, Charlotte
The Plausability of Evaluation of Teaching. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
Evaluation of teaching in higher education. Golola, Moses L.; Balyage, Yona
The appropriate use of the lecture method in higher education. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
What is Research and Teaching in African Higher Education for? A Deconstruction of Policies in Three African Universities Nakabugo, Mary Goretti
Human resource management related factors affecting performance among part-time academic staff in Ugandan Public Universities. Barifaijo, Maria K.; Nkata, James, L.; Ssempebwa, Jude
Developing e-learning courseware through prototyping to achieve sustainable development in higher education: some conceptual and pedagogical principles. Onasanya, S.A.; Oduwaiye, R.O.; Shehu, R.A.
Academic writing as social practice: a critical discourse analysis of student writing in higher education in Tanzania. Mohamed, Hashim Issa
Information literacy of incoming undergraduate Arts students at the University of the Western Cape: assessment of competencies and proficiencies. King, Lizette.
Teaching resources and teaching effectiveness in selected colleges of education and polytechnics. Fabiyi, Anne; Fagbamiye, E.O.
Epistemological obstacles in coming to understand the limit concept at undergraduate level: a case of the National University of Lesotho. Moru, Eunice Kolitsoe.
A description of entry level tertiary students' mathematical achievement: towards an analysis of student texts. Jacobs, Mark Solomon
Incorporating technology into the Lesotho science curriculum: investigating the gap between the intended and the implemented curriculum. Ntoi, Litšabako
A conceptual exploration of the teaching and assessment of values within the South African outcomes-based curriculum. Solomons, Inez Denise
The Changing Nature of Teachers’ Work: An Australian Perspective Naidu, Shamalin
Policy discourses about teaching excellence in a transforming South Africa Searle, Ruth; McKenna, Sioux
Transforming traditions: a study of researchers in higher education Smith, Maria Jane
Legal developments and problems of the Bologna process within the European Higher Education area and European integration Cippitani, Roberto; Suzanne,Gatt
Mapping the Digital Divide in Britain: implications for learning and education Eynon, Rebecca
The professionalism of professors at German Fachhochshulen Vogel, Michael
Higher education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning: The pursuit of excellence Brew, Angela
Future-oriented higher education: Which key competencies should be fostered through university teaching and learning? Rieckmann, M
Invisible success: Problems with the grand technological innovation in higher education Whitworth, A
Teaching and fostering information literacy programmes: a survey of five university libraries in Africa Baro, Emmanuel
Improving teaching and learning from a distance Ridge, Elaine; Waghid, Yusef
Universities in Africa: Working on Excellence for Whom? Zeelen, Jacques
Developing and validating tools to assess postgraduate service quality and the postgraduate service experience Govender, KK
Assessment practices that improve teaching and learning Luckett, Kathy; Sutherland, Lee
Performance Contracting as a Paradigm Shift in the Utilization of Teaching & Learning Resources. Perceptions of Tutors from selected Technical Institutes in Kenya. Mosomi, Biutha
Valuing teaching in University academic promotions Subbaye, Reshma; Vithal, Renuka; North, Delia
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