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Title Author
Higher education finance and accessibility: tuition fees and student loans in Sub-Saharan Africa Johnstone, Bruce
Alternative models to traditional higher education: market demand, networks and private sector challenges Sall, Ebrima
Scholarly publishing in sub-Saharan Africa in the twenty-first century: challenges and opportunities. Ondari-Okemwa, Ezra
Towards the digital library: findings of an investigation to establish the current status of university libraries in Africa Rosenberg, Diana
An inquiry into the process of allocating funds from government as the major stakeholder to institutions of higher learning: towards understanding issues of funding method in systems of higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa Orr, Dominic
Financing of higher education in Africa Kagia, Ruth
The European Commission perspective on higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa Costa, Carlos
Higher education quality assurance in Sub-Saharan Africa: status, challenges, opportunities and promising practices Materu, Peter
Beyond the ABC's: higher education and developing countries Kapur, Devesh; Crowley, Megan
Country profiles for Ghana and Tanzania: economic, social and political contexts for widening participation in higher education Morley, Louise; Lugg, Rosemary; Leach, Fiona
Universities and social transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: global rhetoric and local contradictions Lebeau, Yann
Access to and equity in university education: a status report in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Oyebade, S. A.; Oladipo, S.A.; Adetoro, J.A.
Towards greater economic and developmental perspectives in the funding of fast-expanding higher education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Cameroon Doh, Pascal Samfoga
Globalisation and social sciences in Africa Sawyerr, Akilagpa
Out of Africa: a typology for analysing open educational resources initiatives Bateman, Peter; Lane, Andy; Moon, Bob
The Aims of HIgher Education Metz, Thaddeus
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