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Title Author
Poor performance at TVET Colleges: Conceptualising a distributed instructional leadership approach as a solution Badenhorst, Jo; Radile, RS
Role of the Sudanese higher education institutions in the peace building process Mohamed, Abdelrahim O.; Elnur, Tahani; Algbar, Rafia Abd
Perception of lecturers and students on the use of negotiation, dialogue and consultation in crisis management in some tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria Salami, S.O.; Bello, K.I.
On student access and equity in a reforming university: Makerere in the 1990s and beyond. Kwesiga, Joy C.; Ahikire, Josephine
Building a university student customer base: is it a neglected issue? Mpaata, Kaziba A.
Students make a plan: understanding student agency in constraining conditions Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Williams, Kevin
Moral crisis in higher institutions and the dress code phenomenon. Fayokun, K.O.; Adedeji, S.O.; Oyebade, S.A.
Foreign students: the Lesotho students' reasons, learning and social experiences in the Western Cape, South Africa. Kuili, Anna Malihlano
Debunking the “digital native”: beyond digital apartheid, towards digital democracy Czerniewicz, Laura; Brown, Cheryl
Born into the Digital Age in the south of Africa: the reconfiguration of the “digital citizen Czerniewicz, Laura; Brown, Cheryl
The Demand for Tertiary Education in South Africa Brandson, Nicola; Liebbrandt, Murray; Zuze, Tia
Responding to the Educational Needs of Post-School Youth Cloete, Nico
The crisis of governance in Kenya's public universities: reflections on national politics and institutional decline Munene, Irunugu
Modeling with Sketchpad to enrich students' concept image of the derivative Ndlovu, Mdutshekelwa
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