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Title Author
Is the decline and fall of South African universities looming? Butler-Adam, J
Who are we teaching? a first-year class at the University of the North. Ruth, Damian
Perception and control of secret cult and gang-induced difficulties for quality living and learning in Nigerian universities: the case study of universities in the Middle Belt Zone. Smah, Sam O.
Aspects of instrumentalization of the University in Nigeria: students' experience and the current significance of the certificate Lebeau, Yann
Understanding and predicting students' dishonesty: development of a measure of dishonesty and unreliable behaviours. Kikooma, Julius F.; Munene, John C.; Nyende, Paul; Kibanja, Grace M.
Problems of seeding and harvesting higher education in postcolonial Ghana: historical antecedents and contemporary trends Akurang-Parry, Kwabena O.
Aggressive behaviour in education institutions: theoretical perspectives and implications for school and university managers in Uganda. Mpaata, Kaziba A.
ICTs and youths: benefits and challenges. Bakkabulindi, Fred E. K.
Lecturer-students' perception of the causes, effects and management patterns of students' unrest in tertiary institutions. Chinyere, N. Alimba
From Public University Dominance to Private University Policy Initiatives in Nigeria: the Push and Pull Factors. Gboyega, Ilusanya; Oyebade, Stephen Adebanjo
Gender Differences in Adolescent on Problems of Adolescent Delinquency in Nigeria Universities: Implications on Management, Policy and Planning of School Based HIV/Aids Education. Akinsolu, A. Olatoun
Moral crisis in higher institutions and the dress code phenomenon. Fayokun, K.O.; Adedeji, S.O.; Oyebade, S.A.
Born into the Digital Age in the south of Africa: the reconfiguration of the “digital citizen Czerniewicz, Laura; Brown, Cheryl
Lecturers' discourses about the interplay between language and learning McKenna, Sioux
The social and emotional challenges of female postgraduate students in South Africa Magano, Meahabo Dinah
Student engagement in South African higher education Wawrzynski, Matthew R.; Ashleigh M. Heck,; Christopher T. Remley
Life on the Hill: students and the social history of Makerere Mills, David
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