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Title Author
Is the decline and fall of South African universities looming? Butler-Adam, J
Who are we teaching? a first-year class at the University of the North. Ruth, Damian
Lecturers' experience of postgraduate supervision in a distance education context Lessing, AC. & Schulze, S
Undergraduate students' perceived academic environmental characteristics as correlates of learning outcomes. Okwilagwe, E.A.
The Demand for Tertiary Education in South Africa Brandson, Nicola; Liebbrandt, Murray; Zuze, Tia
Higher Education Student Services: Today's emerging hope for tomorow's graduates Ludman, Roger; Moodly-Rajab, Devi.
Realising the educational worth of integrating work experiences in higher education Billett, Stephen
Developing the understanding and practice of inclusion in higher education for international students with disabilities/additional needs: a whole schooling approach Supple, Briony; Abgenyega, Joseph
The social and emotional challenges of female postgraduate students in South Africa Magano, Meahabo Dinah
Executive university managers’ experiences of strike and protest activity: A qualitative case study of a South African university Dominguez-Whitehead, Y
Understanding the experiences of educationally disadvantaged students in higher education N, Mdutshekelwa; Lourens, E; F, Magda
An investigation into the causes of poor academic performance in mathematics among obafemi awolowo university undergraduate students in Osun State, Nigeria. Zakaria, Yusuf
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