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Title Author
Student perceptions of institutional racial climate Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
Is the decline and fall of South African universities looming? Butler-Adam, J
The impact of race, gender, and culture in South African higher education Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng; Mawila, Kaluke
Curriculum reform in higher education in South Africa: how academics respond Muller, Johan; Ogude, Nthabiseng
Research Bawa, Ahmed; Mouton, Johann
Vanishing borders and new boundaries Moja, Teboho; Cloete, Nico
From protest to challenge: leadership and higher education change in South Africa Kulati, Tembile
Meeting the dual demands of global competitiveness and redistributive development: constraints and opportunities for the historically black universities Subotzky, George
National policy and regional response in South African higher education Cloete, Nico; Pillay, Pundy; Badat, Saleem; Moja, Teboho
The future of blackness in predominantly white milieus: how blackness found and lost its place in the academy Serote, Abraham Chupe
Financing higher education in post-apartheid South Africa: trends, developments, and challenges ahead Ishengoma, Johnson
The internationalisation of higher education in South Africa: progress and challenges Kishun, Roshen
Equity in higher education Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F.
'Naming' students' problems: an analysis of language related discourses at a South African university Boughey, Chrissie
The public role of the university reconsidered Waghid, Yusef
Trends in student use of ICTs in higher education in South Africa. Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura
On the state of South African universities Jansen, Jonathan
Does the national plan effectively address the critical issues facing higher education? Jansen, Jonathan
Students make a plan: understanding student agency in constraining conditions Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Williams, Kevin
Responsiveness and innovation in higher education restructuring: the South African case Muller, Johan
Accounting for change: the micropolitics of university restructuring, part two: changing structures, contesting identities Gibbon, P; Habib, Adam; Jansen, Jonathan; Parekh, Angina
Quality teaching and learning in South African universities: policies and practices Fourie, Magda; Van der Westhuizen, Louis; Alt, Heinrich; Holtzhausen, Somarie
Tensions between system and lifeworld: the imposition of a national qualifications framework on humanities in South Africa Luckett, Kathy
‘If your only tool is a hammer, any issue will look like a nail’: building conflict resolution and mediation capacity in South African universities Harris, Geoff
Implementing outcomes-based education in a South African university Luckett, Kathy; Luckett, Sid
Improving teaching and learning from a distance Ridge, Elaine; Waghid, Yusef
Audit of SRC elections at 21 universities and technikons in South Africa from 2002-2004 Koen, Charlton; Cele, Mlungisi; Libhaber, Ariel (compiled by Michelle Buchler)
Assessment practices that improve teaching and learning Luckett, Kathy; Sutherland, Lee
Symbolism and substance: towards an understanding of change and continuity in South African higher education Subotzky, George
An analysis of procurement best practices in the University of South Africa Dlamini, W; Ambe, I.M
Reflections of black women faculty in South African universities Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
Hear our voices!: women and the transformation of South African higher education Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng
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