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Title Author
Globalisation, diversity and academic practice: reflections from South Africa and Sweden Thaver, B; Mahlck, P
Separate but equal: A comparative analysis of provisions for higher education in the USA and South Africa Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng; Makoni, Sinfree; Moody, Charles
Graduate unemployment in South Africa: Social inequality reproduced Baldry, K
The function of a university in South Africa: Part 1 Archer, S
‘Why mouth all the pieties?’ Black and women academics’ revelations about discourses of ‘transformation’ at an historically white South African university Belluigi, DN; Thondhlana, G
Governance, leadership and institutional change in South African higher education: grappling with instability Kulati, Tembile
South Africa's National Research and Development Strategy Republic of South Africa, Department of Science and Technology
Indigenous knowledge systems Republic of South Africa, Department of Science and Technology
Managerialism within a framework of co-operative governance? Kulati, Tembile; Cloete, Nico
The contribution of higher education to reconstructing South African society: opportunities, constraints, and cautionary tales Subotzky, George
The Zaweka HIV/AIDS peer education project Vergnani, Tania; Jacobs, Joachim
South African responses to Open Access publishing: a survey of the research community Fullard, Allison
The historical development of supplemental instruction: a case study at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) De Beer, Karel; Esterhuizen, Henry; Baird, Nico
Enhancing the contribution of distance education in SA: Implications for the CUT, Free State. DeBeer, Karel
Steering from a distance: funding mechanisms and student access and success in higher education in South Africa Breier, Mignonne; Le Roux, Pieter
Equity, development and new knowledge production: an overview of the new higher education policy environment in post-apartheid South Africa Kraak, Andre
Higher education and work: setting a new research agenda Koen, Charlton
Black dean: race, reconciliation, and the emotions of deanship Jansen, Jonathan
Epistemological access to the university: An alternative perspective Boughey, Chrissie
ICTs and higher education in Africa Ngugi, Catherine; Irungu, Nancy; Muwonge, Benon; Langa, Patricio Vitorino; Pederson, Jakob; Butcher, Neil; Hoosen, Sarah; Moll, Ian; Adam, Fatima; Backhouse, Judy; Mhlanga, Ephraim
'Naming' students' problems: an analysis of language related discourses at a South African university Boughey, Chrissie
Educational Development in South Africa: from social reproduction to capitalist expansion? Boughey, Chrissie
Status and evolution of research within South African technikons: a critical analysis Ogude, N.A.; Netswera, F.G.; Mavundla, T.
ICT policies and strategies in higher education in South Africa: national and institutional pathways Cross, Michael; Adam, Fatima
The implementation of recognition of prior learning at universities and technikons in South Africa 2003 Breier, Mignonne; Burness, Andre
New ways of mediating learning: investigating the implications of adopting open educational resources for tertiary education at an institution in the United Kingdom as compared to one in South Africa Wilson, Tina
Scholarship and professional profiling: possibilities for promoting quality in higher education Bitzer, E M
Assessing students' changing perceptions of higher education Bitzer, E M
Internationalisation of a South African university within the African continent: the case of Stellenbosch University Mavhungu, K.
South African legislation on limiting private and foreign higher education: protecting the public or ignoring globalisation? Bitzer, E M
Use of personal digital assistants (PDAs) in clinical education / practice Ng'ambi, Dick; Njenga, Kennedy
Trends in student use of ICTs in higher education in South Africa. Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura
The impact of South Africa’s ICT infrastructure on higher education Brown, Cheryl; Thomas, Herbert; van der Merwe, Antoinette; van Dyk, Liezl
Students make a plan: ICT access and social and academic uses in higher education Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Lee Pan, Samantha; Moyo, Alfred
Students make a plan: understanding student agency in constraining conditions Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Williams, Kevin
Doing it for themselves? How South African university students learn to use computers for their studies Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Pedersen, Jakob
Changes and continuities in South Africa's higher education system, 1994-2004 Jansen, Jonathan
What knowledge is of most worth for the millenial citizen? Muller, Johan
Of Social entities and Collaborative Approaches [e]Learning enhancement in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): Case study of the University of the Western Cape. Mapuva, Jephias; Muyengwa, Loveness
Racial desegregation and the institutionalisation of 'race' in university governance: the case of UCT. Luescher, Thierry M.
Harnessing Innovation potential? Institutional approaches to industry-higher education research partnerships in South Africa Kruss, Glenda
Working partnerships: the challenge of creating mutual benefit for academics and industry Kruss, Glenda
Introduction to special issue: higher education - industry research partnerships and innovation in South Africa Kruss, Glenda; Moeketsi, Letseka
Access to higher education: to break the vicious cycle of working class schools producing working class citizens. Johnson, Dominic Denver
The recognition of prior learning in higher education: the case of the University of the Western Cape. Hendricks, Mohammed Natheem
Improving library services through the application of business performance concepts. Sinyenyeko-Sayo, Nondumiso Constance
Transformation amongst staff and students at the University of Cape Town: Challenges and Prospects. Andrews, Hilda.
The changing face of redress in South Africa (1990 - 2005) Moja, Teboho; Hayward, Fred
Information literacy of incoming undergraduate Arts students at the University of the Western Cape: assessment of competencies and proficiencies. King, Lizette.
Information retrieval interaction and the undergraduate student at historically disadvantaged higher education institutions in the Western Cape, South Africa: a cognitive approach Davis, Gavin Rapheal
The management of academic libraries: a comparative study of the University of the Western Cape Library and Dhaka University Library. Chowdhury, Salma
Facilitating university sustainability through decision-oriented financial reporting. Arnold, Ebrahim
A pilot emperical investigation into student perceptions of service quality at the Department of Management of the University of the Western Cape. Combrinck, Theodore Peter
Education policy development in South Africa, 1994-1997. Fataar, Mogamad Aslam
Protective factors that could foster resilience in first year students. Moleli, Malehlohonolo Florence
Research capacity development of individuals at three South African university research centres. Dison, Arona
The design, implementation and evaluation of student support and development services in further education and training colleges in South Africa. Ferreira, Stephanus Lourens
Voice, disability and inclusion: a case study of biology learners with cerebral palsy. Johannes, Eleanor M
Coping with violence: institutional and student responses at the University of the Western Cape Sass, Bridgett Virginia
Access to higher education: The case of the Career Preparation Programme at the University of the Free State. Rabie, Neville Errol.
Interpreting Language Policy: Equity, Democracy and Educational Achievement Ridge, Stanley
Information Seeking Behaviour of Generation Y Students at the Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service. Adams, Lindall Elaine.
Challenges and pressures facing the academic profession in South Africa Koen, Charlton
Exploring constitutive meanings of educational transformation in South Africa Van Wyk, Berte
The affirmative action debate: a critical reflection Van Wyk, Berte
Strengthening and weakening boundaries: Students negotiating technology mediated learning Czerniewicz, Laura; Brown, Cheryl
Debunking the “digital native”: beyond digital apartheid, towards digital democracy Czerniewicz, Laura; Brown, Cheryl
Born into the Digital Age in the south of Africa: the reconfiguration of the “digital citizen Czerniewicz, Laura; Brown, Cheryl
The state of higher education in South Africa: from massification to mergers Jansen, Jonathan
Culture, identity and the role of higher education in building democracy in South Africa Cloete, Nico; Cross, Michael; Muller, Johan; Pillay, Surykumarie
Curriculum responses to a changing national and global environment in an African context Ekong, Donald; Cloete, Nico
Policy discourses about teaching excellence in a transforming South Africa Searle, Ruth; McKenna, Sioux
Tensions in the quality assurance processes in post-apartheid South African schools Biputh, B; McKenna, Sioux
Higher education and the substantiation of democracy in South Africa Luescher, Thierry
The Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa: How Much Have We Achieved? Perceptions of Policy Developments 1997-2003 and Outlook for the Next Five Years Luescher, Thierry; Symes, Ashley
The University in Africa and Democratic Citizenship: Hothouse or Training Ground? Thierry M Luescher-Mamashela; S Kiiru, R Mattes, A M Mwollo-ntallima; N, Ng’ethe; M, Romo.
Deliberative democracy and higher education policy discourse in South Africa: in defence of equitable redress Waghid, Yusef
At arm’s length: The relationship between research and policy in arts and culture, 1992–2007 Deacon, Harriet
The Demand for Tertiary Education in South Africa Brandson, Nicola; Liebbrandt, Murray; Zuze, Tia
Responding to the Educational Needs of Post-School Youth Cloete, Nico
“Accountability in Higher Education: A Comprehensive Analytical Framework” Metz, Thaddeus
Burnout, work engagement and sense of coherence in female academics in higher-education institutions in South Africa Bezuidenhout,Adéle; Frans, V.N. Cilliers
A defamiliarising ‘scholarship of hope’: A youth subjectivity and schooling perspective Fataar, A
Education for peace and a pedagogy of hope Carl, A.E.
Enhancing retention and success in South Africa Subotzky, George
Student loans: liquidity constraint and higher education in South Africa Gurgand, Marc; Lorenceau, Adrien; Mélonio, Thomas
Tracking enrolments and graduations in humanities education in South Africa: are we in crises? Yu, K; Pillay, V.
The social and emotional challenges of female postgraduate students in South Africa Magano, Meahabo Dinah
Tensions between 'fitness of purpose' and 'fitness for purpose': the introduction of a national quality assurance system in South Africa Luckett, Kathy
A policy agenda setting analysis of free higher education in a post-apartheid Edward, Letlisa Molantoa
The purpose of the Ph.D. — A South African perspective Herman, Chaya
Rethinking ‘disadvantage’ in higher education: a paradigmatic case study using narrative analysis Marshalla, Delia; Caseb, Jennifer
Obstacles to success – doctoral student attrition in South Africa Herman, Chaya
Diversity and research practices among academics in South African universities: race for the market Thaver, Beverly
South Africa: challenges of racism and access Sehoole, Chika
The integration of quality management functions within a university: a systems approach Brits, H. J.
Just admissions: South African universities and the question of racial preference Benatar, D
Reimagining the purpose of VET – Expanding the capability to aspire in South African Further Education and Training students Powell, Lesley
The transition to equity in South African higher education: governance, fairness, and trust in everyday academic practice Thaver, Beverley
Beyond Engagement Exploring Tensions between the Academic Core and Engagement Activities at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa VanSchalkwyk, Francois; Bailey, Tracy
State failure in dealing with the NEET problem in South Africa: which way forward? Kraak, Andre
An analysis of procurement best practices in the University of South Africa Dlamini, W; Ambe, I.M
University access, inclusion and social justice Hlalele, D; Alexander, G.
The Influence of Context in the South African Higher Education System: A Social Realist Critique Ndileleni, P. M; Maphosa, Cosmas
The Aims of HIgher Education Metz, Thaddeus
An exploration of stereotype perceptions amongst support staff within a South African higher education institution Moloto, G.R.B; Brink, L; Nel, J.A
Will Skills Save Us? Rethinking the Relationships between Vocational Education, Skills Development Policies, and Social Policy in South Africa Allais, Stephanie
Introducing e-learning in a South African Higher Education Institution: challenges arising from an intervention and possible responses Bharuthram, Sharita; Kies, Carolynn
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