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Title Author
Financing higher education in Africa Blair, R.D.D.
The challenge to the liberal vision of universities in Africa Court, David
The role of universities in the transformation of societies: an international research project Brennan, John; King, Roger; Lebeau, Yann
The role and mission of the university in African society Teekens, Hanneke; Jongbloed, Ben
The role of universities in promoting cooperation between social and pure scientists for human development in Kenya Nafukho, Frederick
Universities and social transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: global rhetoric and local contradictions Lebeau, Yann
Brain drain or brain gain? Global policy on scientific mobility 1990-2007: The role of universities Logue, Danielle
Promoting non-formal education in Swaziland: any role for the University of Swaziland? Sukati, Walter Samukelo C.
Brain drain in the health sector in Africa: examples from the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan Nigeria Mbanefoh, Nkechi
Role of the Sudanese higher education institutions in the peace building process Mohamed, Abdelrahim O.; Elnur, Tahani; Algbar, Rafia Abd
The role of academia in fostering private sector competitiveness in ICT development. Wanyama, Tom; Baryamureeba, Venansius
Private universities in Uganda: growth and role(s) in the provision of higher education. Mugabi, Henry
The challenges of repackaging traditional knowledge in the context of intellectual property rights: case of Zimbabwe and Uganda. Chisita, Collence; Kaddu, Sarah
The growing accountability agenda: progress or mixed blessing Salmi, Jamil
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