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Title Author
Quality assurance in curriculum development Nakabugo, M.G.; Masembe, C.S.
The challenge of introducing distance education as an instructional innovation in conventional institutions Tau, O.S.; Ntloedibe-Kuswani, G.S.
Uganda needs quality educational research. Mugimu, Christopher B.; Hite, Steven J.
Access to and equity in university education: a status report in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Oyebade, S. A.; Oladipo, S.A.; Adetoro, J.A.
Revitalizing quality higher education in Nigeria: options and strategies. Babalola, J.B.; Adedeji, S.O.; Erwat, E.A.
Programme delivery quality benchmarks and outcomes based education at Uganda Management Institute: a correlational approach. Basheka, Benon C.; Muhenda, Mary Basaasa; Kittobe, John
From Public University Dominance to Private University Policy Initiatives in Nigeria: the Push and Pull Factors. Gboyega, Ilusanya; Oyebade, Stephen Adebanjo
Linking higher education and economic development Pillay, Pundy
'Transforming the learner' versus 'passing the exam': Understanding the gap between academic and student definitions of quality Chenga, Ming
Assessing the effects of four budget-balancing strategies in higher education Hauptman, Arthur M; Nolan, Philip
The World Bank's perspective on African higher education Teferra, Damtew
Breaking even or breaking through: reaching financial sustainability while providing high quality standards in Higher Educationin the Middle East and North Africa Jaramillo, Adriana; Melonio, Thomas
Funding strategies for quality university education in Nigeria: the principle of fiscal justice Mopelola, A ; Samuel, A
Quality of training and research in higher education Mosha, Herme
Higher education in Ethiopia: expansion, quality assurance and institutional autonomy Akalu, Girmaw Abebe
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