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Title Author
The internet in African universities: case studies from Kenya and Nigeria Adeya, Catherine Nyaki; Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Banji
Improving income from internally generated funds without provoking students or staff strikes at Makerere and other universities. Mayanja, Muhammad K.
The plight and failures of the academic staff in public universities. Kasozi, A.B.K.
Corporate governance and financial performance of public universities in Uganda. Akodo, Robinah; Moya, Musa
The Final Ends of Higher Education in Light of an African Moral Theory Metz, Thaddeus
The need for a strong and effective public-private partnership in the provision of higher education in Uganda. Kayongo, Paul
Intra knowledge transfer success among information workers in higher public institutions of learning in Uganda: the role of information technology. Muhenda, Mary Basaasa; Lwanga, Elizabeth Kawuma
From Public University Dominance to Private University Policy Initiatives in Nigeria: the Push and Pull Factors. Gboyega, Ilusanya; Oyebade, Stephen Adebanjo
Higher education, knowledge for its own sake, and an African Moral Theory. Metz, Thaddeus
Higher education marketisation and its discontents:the case of quality in Kenya Gerald Wangenge-Ouma
A Dilemma regarding Academic Freedom and Public Accountability in Higher Education Metz, Thaddeus
Neither ivory towers nor corporate universities: moving public universities beyond the "mode 2" logic Ravjee, N
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