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Title Author
Alternative models to traditional higher education: market demand, networks and private sector challenges Sall, Ebrima
Private Higher Education in Africa Varghese, N.V.
Economic growth and the need for expanded tertiary education in Ghana Ayisi, Gabriel A.
Private higher education in Uganda: the case of its distribution, contribution to access and costs. Nkata, James L.
South African legislation on limiting private and foreign higher education: protecting the public or ignoring globalisation? Bitzer, E M
Government philanthropy towards private universities in Uganda and its implications for access, equity and quality of higher education: the case of Bugema University. Katamba, Paul
Challenges facing African universities: selected issues Sawyerr, Akilagpa
Changes and continuities in South Africa's higher education system, 1994-2004 Jansen, Jonathan
Private universities in Uganda: growth and role(s) in the provision of higher education. Mugabi, Henry
From Public University Dominance to Private University Policy Initiatives in Nigeria: the Push and Pull Factors. Gboyega, Ilusanya; Oyebade, Stephen Adebanjo
The World Bank's perspective on African higher education Teferra, Damtew
The private nature of cross-border higher education Kinser, Kevin; Lane, Jason E.
Egyptian private higher education at a crossroads Levy, Daniel C; Sabry, Manar
A decade of regulating private higher education in South Africa Sehoole, Chika
Neither ivory towers nor corporate universities: moving public universities beyond the "mode 2" logic Ravjee, N
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