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Title Author
Research Bawa, Ahmed; Mouton, Johann
The University of Zambia HIV and AIDS policy University of Zambia. Vice-Chancellor’s Standing Committee on HIV and AIDS
South Africa's National Research and Development Strategy Republic of South Africa, Department of Science and Technology
Indigenous knowledge systems Republic of South Africa, Department of Science and Technology
National policy and regional response in South African higher education Cloete, Nico; Pillay, Pundy; Badat, Saleem; Moja, Teboho
Assessment of Africa's telematics, policy and regulatory infrastructure: potential for e-learning Mutula, Stephen
Harmonization of higher education in Africa: a strategy for the African Union COMEDAF, Bureau of the Conference of Ministers of Education of the African Union
Cost sharing crisis in Nigerian universities: policy lessons from an empirical study Obasi, Issac; Eboh, Eric
Towards academic freedom for Africa in the 21st century Mama, Amina
Perception about utilization of scientific information by policy makers in science and technology sector in Nigeria Nwagwu, Williams; Iheanaetu, Olamma
The Nigerian scientific community: the colossus with feet of clay Chatelin, Yvon; Gaillard, Jacques; Keller, Anne Sophie
Intellectual property rights in Uganda: reform and institutional management policy formulation. Bakibinga, David J.
ICTs and higher education in Africa Ngugi, Catherine; Irungu, Nancy; Muwonge, Benon; Langa, Patricio Vitorino; Pederson, Jakob; Butcher, Neil; Hoosen, Sarah; Moll, Ian; Adam, Fatima; Backhouse, Judy; Mhlanga, Ephraim
Reinventing growth: science, technology and innovation in Africa Juma, Calestous
Optical fibre for education and research networks in Eastern and Southern Africa Adam, Lishan; Bagula, Antoine; Chikumbi, Godfrey; Comstedt, Anders; Martin, Duncan; Muchanga, Americo; Ngwira, Margaret; Nkusi, Issa; Pehrson, Bjorn
System performance and sustainability of higher education in Nigeria Osinubi, Tokunbo Simbowale
Status and evolution of research within South African technikons: a critical analysis Ogude, N.A.; Netswera, F.G.; Mavundla, T.
Developing creative research environments in least developed countries: strategies for international cooperation Olsson, Berit
Brain drain or brain gain? Global policy on scientific mobility 1990-2007: The role of universities Logue, Danielle
Promoting non-formal education in Swaziland: any role for the University of Swaziland? Sukati, Walter Samukelo C.
University interventions in improving the teaching of science and mathematics in community day secondary schools in Malawi: assessment of the impact Saiti, Alice
Research utility and national development goals: the interplay between poverty alleviation strategies and social science research in Kenya Omosa, Mary
Gender equity in commonwealth higher education: an examination of sustainable interventions in selected commonwealth universities Morley, Louise; Gunawardena, Chandra; Kwesiga, Joy; Lihamba, Amandina; Odejide, Abiola; Shackleton, Lesley; Sorhaindo, Annik
Training teachers for secondary mathematics and science: the challenge facing the University of Malawi Nampota, Dorothy Cynthia
Role of the Sudanese higher education institutions in the peace building process Mohamed, Abdelrahim O.; Elnur, Tahani; Algbar, Rafia Abd
What is Research and Teaching in African Higher Education for? A Deconstruction of Policies in Three African Universities Nakabugo, Mary Goretti
Creating science and technology information databases for developing and sustaining Sub-Saharan Africa's indigenous knowledge Nwagwu, Williams
E-Learning policy making processes: an evidence based application at Kenyatta University Marsabit Distance Learning Centre. Gatimu, Kiranga
Teacher education policy in Africa: purpose and impact. Owolabi, Samuel Olajide
Introduction to special issue: higher education - industry research partnerships and innovation in South Africa Kruss, Glenda; Moeketsi, Letseka
A conceptual exploration of the teaching and assessment of values within the South African outcomes-based curriculum. Solomons, Inez Denise
Engagements with Engagement Muller, Johan
At arm’s length: The relationship between research and policy in arts and culture, 1992–2007 Deacon, Harriet
Responsiveness and innovation in higher education restructuring: the South African case Muller, Johan
Quality teaching and learning in South African universities: policies and practices Fourie, Magda; Van der Westhuizen, Louis; Alt, Heinrich; Holtzhausen, Somarie
Audit of SRC elections at 21 universities and technikons in South Africa from 2002-2004 Koen, Charlton; Cele, Mlungisi; Libhaber, Ariel (compiled by Michelle Buchler)
Africa and international policy making for lifelong learning: textual revelations Preece, Julia
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