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Title Author
Financing higher education in Africa Blair, R.D.D.
The place of E-learning in Africa's institutions of higher learning Nafukho, Frederick
Managerialism within a framework of co-operative governance? Kulati, Tembile; Cloete, Nico
French aid and the crisis of higher education in Francophone Africa Orivel, Francois
Alternative models to traditional higher education: market demand, networks and private sector challenges Sall, Ebrima
The challenge of introducing distance education as an instructional innovation in conventional institutions Tau, O.S.; Ntloedibe-Kuswani, G.S.
Teacher education models and their implication to teacher training at the School of Education, Makerere University Ssentamu, Namubiru
Promoting African Research and Education Networking (PAREN) Steiner, Roy; Tirivayi, Allan; Tirivayi, Nyasha; Jensen, Mike; Hamilton, Paul; Buechler, Jack
The theory-practice discourse in initial teacher education: perspectives, and prospects Ssentamu, Namubiru
Information and communication technologies in teacher training and professional development in Nigeria Olakulehin, Felix Kayode
Technological change in learning environments: the case of the university of Botswana Molelu, Gabathuse Blackie; Uys, Philip M.
The African brain drain: intellectual diaspora to manage the drain: what are the options? Onsando, Patrick
Testing a recent model of ICT in development: Botswana and its university Gerhan, David; Mutula, Stephen
Growing a knowledge-based economy: evidence from public expenditure on education in Africa Kamara, Abdul; Bousrih, Lobnah; Nyende, Magidu
Optical fibre for education and research networks in Eastern and Southern Africa Adam, Lishan; Bagula, Antoine; Chikumbi, Godfrey; Comstedt, Anders; Martin, Duncan; Muchanga, Americo; Ngwira, Margaret; Nkusi, Issa; Pehrson, Bjorn
HIV & AIDS and higher education in Africa: a review of best practice models and trends Association of African Universities, AAU
Assessing students' changing perceptions of higher education Bitzer, E M
Higher education research to generate alternative educational models in view of the inadequacies of the formal educational system: cases observed in Madagascar Rakotozafy Harison, Jean-Baptiste Joseph
Training teachers for secondary mathematics and science: the challenge facing the University of Malawi Nampota, Dorothy Cynthia
Exploring conceptual models for community engagement at higher education institutions in South Africa Bender, Gerda
A Model for Scaffolding Traditional Distance Learners in Africa for Constructivistic Online Learning. Muyinda, Paul B.; Lubega, Jude T.; Lynch, Kathy
Globalization and the university: myths and realities in an unequal world Altbach, Philip
Accounting for change: the micropolitics of university restructuring, part two: changing structures, contesting identities Gibbon, P; Habib, Adam; Jansen, Jonathan; Parekh, Angina
Tensions between 'fitness of purpose' and 'fitness for purpose': the introduction of a national quality assurance system in South Africa Luckett, Kathy
Quality teaching and learning in South African universities: policies and practices Fourie, Magda; Van der Westhuizen, Louis; Alt, Heinrich; Holtzhausen, Somarie
Implementing outcomes-based education in a South African university Luckett, Kathy; Luckett, Sid
The reflective practitioner: a model for staff development ? Luckett, Kathy
Development and implementation of a mentoring programme at a historically disadvantaged South African university Clever, Ndebele; Jacques, van Heerden; Owence, Chabaya
Modeling with Sketchpad to enrich students' concept image of the derivative Ndlovu, Mdutshekelwa
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