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Title Author
Higher education in Nigeria: a status report Saint, William; Hartnett, Teresa A.; Strassner, Erich
Can problem based learning improve academic performance? Owolabi, Samuel Olajide; Kyolaba, Diana Sarah
Mind the gap: an exploration of participant expectations and facilitator intentions via an analysis of outcomes of workshops held at three Ugandan universities. Mbali, Charlotte
The Plausability of Evaluation of Teaching. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
Evaluation of teaching in higher education. Golola, Moses L.; Balyage, Yona
The appropriate use of the lecture method in higher education. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
The use of small group methods in higher education. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
International network for future learning environment research. Nakabugo, Mary Goretti; Hamilton, Eric
Doing it for themselves? How South African university students learn to use computers for their studies Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Pedersen, Jakob
Infrastructure and students' perceived motivation to learning in universities in South-Western Nigeria. Alani, R.A.; Okunola, Phillips Olayide; Tayo, Subair S.
E-Learning platform usage by students in institutions of higher learning. Moya, Musa; Akodo, Robinah
When and how CD-ROM technology is a preferred option to mitigate the tyranny of distance. Gatimu, Kiranga
Change agents, training, and age as correlates of computer use among post graduates in School of Education, Makerere University. Owolabi, Samuel Olajide; Bakkabulindi, Frederick Edward K; Kabasiita, Jessica; Namirembe, E.
A Model for Scaffolding Traditional Distance Learners in Africa for Constructivistic Online Learning. Muyinda, Paul B.; Lubega, Jude T.; Lynch, Kathy
Developing e-learning courseware through prototyping to achieve sustainable development in higher education: some conceptual and pedagogical principles. Onasanya, S.A.; Oduwaiye, R.O.; Shehu, R.A.
A description of entry level tertiary students' mathematical achievement: towards an analysis of student texts. Jacobs, Mark Solomon
Transforming traditions: a study of researchers in higher education Smith, Maria Jane
Legal developments and problems of the Bologna process within the European Higher Education area and European integration Cippitani, Roberto; Suzanne,Gatt
Mapping the Digital Divide in Britain: implications for learning and education Eynon, Rebecca
Higher education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning: The pursuit of excellence Brew, Angela
Invisible success: Problems with the grand technological innovation in higher education Whitworth, A
Improving teaching and learning from a distance Ridge, Elaine; Waghid, Yusef
Let the doors of learning be open to all – A case for recognition of prior learning Singh, A.M
Investigating the extent to which mobile phones reduce Knowledge Transfer barriers in Student Project Teams Kyobe, M. E; Shongwe, M.M
Universities in Africa: Working on Excellence for Whom? Zeelen, Jacques
Assessment practices that improve teaching and learning Luckett, Kathy; Sutherland, Lee
Strategies for improving polytechnic curriculum effectiveness: a case for Zimbabwe. Mazani, Wilfred
Research as transformative learning for meaning-centered professional development Taylor, P.C.
We want to do it ourselves: Ideal and actual learning in South African education and training Inskip, Chris
Valuing teaching in University academic promotions Subbaye, Reshma; Vithal, Renuka; North, Delia
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