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Title Author
Investment in human capital through institutions of higher education for the revival of Kenya's economy Nafukho, Frederick; Wawire, Nelson
Innovative techniques in the training of health professionals:the case of Moi University University Faculty of Health Sciences, Kenya Nafukho, Fredrick, Kangethe, Simon and Mutema, Alfred M.
Students' rights and academic freedom in Kenya's public universities Nduko, James
Access, efficiency, and equity considerations of the World Bank's African Virtual University project:a case study of Kenya Nafukho, Frederick
Politics of participatory decision making in campus governance Obondoh, Andiwo
Public and private univerisites in Kenya: new challenges, issues and achievements Mwiria, Kilemi; Ng'ethe, Njuguna; Ngome, Charles; Ouma-Odero, Douglas; Wawire, Violet; Wesonga, Daniel
The internet in African universities: case studies from Kenya and Nigeria Adeya, Catherine Nyaki; Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Banji
The market model of financing state universities in Africa: some innovative lessons from Kenya Nafukho, Frederick
Kenya: crisis in the scientific community Eisemon, Thomas Owen; Davis, Charles H.
Institutionalization, perspectives, challenges, and pedagogical dimmensions of the English language in the education systems of former British Colonies in Africa: the case of Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Masembe, C. S.
ICTs and higher education in Africa Ngugi, Catherine; Irungu, Nancy; Muwonge, Benon; Langa, Patricio Vitorino; Pederson, Jakob; Butcher, Neil; Hoosen, Sarah; Moll, Ian; Adam, Fatima; Backhouse, Judy; Mhlanga, Ephraim
Investing in ICT's in educational institutions in developing countries: an evaluation of their impact in Kenya Wims, Padraig; Lawler, Mark
Research training: the Kenyan experience Wandiga, Shem O.
The role of universities in promoting cooperation between social and pure scientists for human development in Kenya Nafukho, Frederick
A comparison of the efficiency and equity implications of the university loan programs in the United States and in Kenya Nafukho,Frederick; Verma, Satish
HIV & AIDS and higher education in Africa: a review of best practice models and trends Association of African Universities, AAU
Research utility and national development goals: the interplay between poverty alleviation strategies and social science research in Kenya Omosa, Mary
Diversifying Finance of Higher Education Systems in the Third World: The Cases of Kenya and Mongolia. Weidman, John
E-Learning policy making processes: an evidence based application at Kenyatta University Marsabit Distance Learning Centre. Gatimu, Kiranga
When and how CD-ROM technology is a preferred option to mitigate the tyranny of distance. Gatimu, Kiranga
Student entrepreneurship on campus: a survival response or a career rehearsal? Bosire, Joseph; Ndirangu, Mwangi
Globalisation and higher education funding policy shifts in Kenya Gerald Wangenge-Ouma
Universities and the mobilization of claims of excellence for competitive advantage Gerald Wangenge-Ouma; Patricio V, Langa
The University in Africa and Democratic Citizenship: Hothouse or Training Ground? Thierry M Luescher-Mamashela; S Kiiru, R Mattes, A M Mwollo-ntallima; N, Ng’ethe; M, Romo.
Crisis in the public universities in Kenya Sifuna, Daniel
The crisis of governance in Kenya's public universities: reflections on national politics and institutional decline Munene, Irunugu
Prospects for the development of higher education in Kenya Weidman, John
Vocationalization of education in Kenya: the classroom practice and the learners‟ responsibilities for change in the 21st century Ondigi, Samson; Ayot, Henry; Mueni, Kiio; Nasibi, Mary
Making sense of professionalism and being a professional in a Kenyan higher education context Calverta, Mike; Muchira-Tirimab, Koi
Exploring the use of mobile technology in qualitative inquiry in Africa Jonhson, A T
The challenges and future of public higher education leadership in Kenya Odhiambo, George
The role of digital libraries in bridging the knowledge gap in Africa Juma, IDD; Wamukoya, J; Wekullo, C
Women and higher education leadership in Kenya: a critical analysis Odhiambo, George
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