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Title Author
Utilization of electronic information resources by academic staff at Makerere University. Agaba, D.M.; Kigongo-Bukenya, I.M.N; Nyumba, J.B.
ICT investment in Rwandan higher education: highlighting the cost of downtime and endusers' operations. Ssempebwa, Jude; Canene, Angelita P.; Mugabe, Marceline
Research dissemination, utilization and commercialization by academic staff of a Nigerian university. Oduwaiye, R.O.; Owolabi, H.O.; Onasanya, S.A.
Explaining the underutilization of higher education research in the formulation of Africa's socio-economic development policies: the case of Uganda. Kasenene, Edris, S.
Information retrieval interaction and the undergraduate student at historically disadvantaged higher education institutions in the Western Cape, South Africa: a cognitive approach Davis, Gavin Rapheal
Information Seeking Behaviour of Generation Y Students at the Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service. Adams, Lindall Elaine.
An examination of privacy policies of global university web sites Kuzma, Joanne
Striving at the periphery, craving for the centre: The realm of african scholarly communication in the digital age Teferra, Damtew
Strengthening African higher education through the dissemination of research content: the role of the library. Tise, Ellen R.
Teaching and fostering information literacy programmes: a survey of five university libraries in Africa Baro, Emmanuel
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