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Title Author
One and two equals three? The third mission of higher education institutions Pinheiroa, R; Langa, P; Pausits, A
Structural orientation and social agency in South Africa: state, race, higher education and transformation L, Thaver; B, Thaver
Africanising institutional culture: what is possible and plausible Metz, Thaddeus
From peril to promise: repositioning higher education for the reconstruction of Africa’s future I, Oanda; E, Sall
Higher Education as a field of research in the Portuguese speaking countries: Insights on an emerging scientific field Langa, Patrício V.
Affiliation policy rhetoric and reality in the Ghanaian higher education context Ansah, F; Swanzy, P
Research capacity of the higher education sector in developing countries Sanyal, Bikas C; Varghese, N.V.
Higher education in Nigeria: a status report Saint, William; Hartnett, Teresa A.; Strassner, Erich
Regional cooperation in higher education in Africa-achievements and prospects: the case of the African Network and Scientific and Technological Institutions ( ANSTI ) Massaquoi, J.G.M.
Managerialism within a framework of co-operative governance? Kulati, Tembile; Cloete, Nico
Alternative models to traditional higher education: market demand, networks and private sector challenges Sall, Ebrima
Student loans in international perspective: promises and failures, myths and partial truths Johnstone, Bruce
University-level education for women in the developing world: questions for public policy Herz, Barbara
Quality Assurance in international, African and Southern African contexts Fourie, Magda; van der Westhuizen, Louis
National policy and regional response in South African higher education Cloete, Nico; Pillay, Pundy; Badat, Saleem; Moja, Teboho
Higher education in Tanzania: a case study Mkude, Daniel; Cooksey, Brian; Levey, Lisbeth
Higher education in Mozambique: a case study Mario, Mouzinho; Fry, Peter; Levey, Lisbeth A.; Chilundo, Arlindo
Assessment of Africa's telematics, policy and regulatory infrastructure: potential for e-learning Mutula, Stephen
The contribution of higher education to national systems: the case of Zambia Sikwibele, Anne
The historical development of supplemental instruction: a case study at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) De Beer, Karel; Esterhuizen, Henry; Baird, Nico
Restore, reform but do not transform: the gender politics of higher education in Africa Mama, Amina
Enhancing the contribution of distance education in SA: Implications for the CUT, Free State. DeBeer, Karel
External quality assurance of higher education in Anglophone Africa Martin, Michaela; Pereyra, Jimena; Sing, Mala; Stella, Antony
Harmonization of higher education in Africa: a strategy for the African Union COMEDAF, Bureau of the Conference of Ministers of Education of the African Union
Financing of higher education in Africa Kagia, Ruth
Towards a strategic African engagement: conceptual, logistical and structural issues about GATS Yeowart, Tessa; Mthembu, Thandwa
The challenge of further vocationalising university education in Ghana: a survey of university graduates Djangmah, Jerome
Ugandan universities: the challenge of quality Lejeune, Michel
Cost sharing in higher education in Tanzania: fact or fiction? Ishengoma, Johnson
Psychology brewed in an African pot: indigenous philosophies and the quest for relevance Bandawe, Chiwoza R.
Higher education quality assurance in Sub-Saharan Africa: status, challenges, opportunities and promising practices Materu, Peter
Strategizing financing of public university libraries in East Africa. Nawe, Julita
ICTs and higher education in Africa Ngugi, Catherine; Irungu, Nancy; Muwonge, Benon; Langa, Patricio Vitorino; Pederson, Jakob; Butcher, Neil; Hoosen, Sarah; Moll, Ian; Adam, Fatima; Backhouse, Judy; Mhlanga, Ephraim
Equity in higher education Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F.
Higher education and social transformation: South Africa case study Reddy, Thiven
Beyond the ABC's: higher education and developing countries Kapur, Devesh; Crowley, Megan
Widening participation in higher education in Ghana and Tanzania: developing an equity scorecard, Working paper 1: setting the scene Morley, Louise; Leach, Fiona; Lugg, Rosemary; Lihamba, Amandina; Opare, James; Bhalalusesa, Eustella; Forde, Linda Dzama; Egbenya, Godwin; Mwaipopo, Rosemarie
Ethical issues in the marketisation of education: the case for social justice and market-oriented reforms in Uganda's higher education. Ssesanga, Karim N.A
System performance and sustainability of higher education in Nigeria Osinubi, Tokunbo Simbowale
ICT investment in Rwandan higher education: highlighting the cost of downtime and endusers' operations. Ssempebwa, Jude; Canene, Angelita P.; Mugabe, Marceline
ICT policies and strategies in higher education in South Africa: national and institutional pathways Cross, Michael; Adam, Fatima
Higher education in Ethiopia: the vision and its challenges Saint, William
Private higher education in Uganda: the case of its distribution, contribution to access and costs. Nkata, James L.
Islam and Egyptian higher education: student attitudes Cook, Bradley
Revitalizing quality higher education in Nigeria: options and strategies. Babalola, J.B.; Adedeji, S.O.; Erwat, E.A.
Rural backgrounds and academic strategies: higher education , the Music Department and the Indigenous Music and Oral History Project at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa Bleibinger, Bernhard
Opportunities for forging higher education partnerships with Africans in the Diaspora Akinmusuru, Joe; Esiobu, Diuto; Obiekwe, Mike
Problems of seeding and harvesting higher education in postcolonial Ghana: historical antecedents and contemporary trends Akurang-Parry, Kwabena O.
Higher education in Africa and the critical question of brain drain: the case of Nigerian Americans Afolayan, Michael O.
Adequate funding of higher education. Kayongo, Paul
Higher education in Francophone Africa: what tools can be used to support financially-sustainable policies Gioan, Pierre Antoine
Diversifying Finance of Higher Education Systems in the Third World: The Cases of Kenya and Mongolia. Weidman, John
Trends in student use of ICTs in higher education in South Africa. Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura
Higher education in Africa: a case of Eritrea. Rena, Ravinder
Distance learning and higher education in West Francophone Africa : a university shaped from outside or renewed from inside ? Loiret, PJ
Gender disparity in education: an Eritrean perspective. Rena, Ravinder
The linkage of higher education to economic development. Kasozi, A.B.K.
Coping with the challenges of higher education in the twenty-first century. Kajubi, William Senteza
Evaluation of teaching in higher education. Golola, Moses L.; Balyage, Yona
The appropriate use of the lecture method in higher education. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
What is Research and Teaching in African Higher Education for? A Deconstruction of Policies in Three African Universities Nakabugo, Mary Goretti
Students make a plan: understanding student agency in constraining conditions Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura; Williams, Kevin
Higher education and youth preparation for the labour market: the case of universities in Nigeria. Adeogun, A.A.; Oyebade, S.A.; Osifila, G.I.
Achieving sustainable development through women's leadership positions in higher institutions. Okecha, R.E.; Idogho, P.O.
Harnessing Innovation potential? Institutional approaches to industry-higher education research partnerships in South Africa Kruss, Glenda
Introduction to special issue: higher education - industry research partnerships and innovation in South Africa Kruss, Glenda; Moeketsi, Letseka
Access to higher education: to break the vicious cycle of working class schools producing working class citizens. Johnson, Dominic Denver
An African experience in providing a digital library service: the African Virtual University example Ngimwa, Pauline
Transformation amongst staff and students at the University of Cape Town: Challenges and Prospects. Andrews, Hilda.
The utilisation of formative and summative electronic assessments in historically disadvantaged institutions (HDI) in the Western Cape. Pillay, Paliga
Democratising higher education in Ghana and Tanzania: Opportunity structures and social inequalities Morley, Louise; Leach, Fiona; Lugg, Rosemary
A pilot emperical investigation into student perceptions of service quality at the Department of Management of the University of the Western Cape. Combrinck, Theodore Peter
Management education via the internet: factors facilitating and inhibiting the adoption of WEBCT at a faculty in a higher education institution. America, Carina
Impact of a partnership programme of African universities: A study of the perceptions of a group of white South African academics of their learning experiences Warner, Nan
Foreign students: the Lesotho students' reasons, learning and social experiences in the Western Cape, South Africa. Kuili, Anna Malihlano
Foreign students: the Lesotho students' reasons, learning and social experiences in the Western Cape, South Africa. Kuili, Anna Malihlano
Processes and patterns of responsiveness to the world of work in higher education institutions. Garraway, James
Research capacity development of individuals at three South African university research centres. Dison, Arona
The design, implementation and evaluation of student support and development services in further education and training colleges in South Africa. Ferreira, Stephanus Lourens
An Exploration of Critical Latin American Historical Analyses of the Capitalist State and the University System in Argentina. Johnson, Pamela
Knowledge-based North-South Partnerships: an effective model for promoting development in higher education? Nakabugo, Mary Goretti; Cremin, Peadar
Best Practice in North-South Research Relationships in Higher Education: The Irish African Partnership Model Nakabugo, Mary Goretti; Barrett, Eimear; McEvoy, Peter; Munck, Ronaldo
Towards an African philosophy of higher education Van Wyk, Berte; Higgs, Philip
Globalisation and higher education funding policy shifts in Kenya Gerald Wangenge-Ouma
Universities and the mobilization of claims of excellence for competitive advantage Gerald Wangenge-Ouma; Patricio V, Langa
Educational technology - mapping the terrain with Bernstein as cartographer Czerniewicz, Laura
Higher education marketisation and its discontents:the case of quality in Kenya Gerald Wangenge-Ouma
Change, Adaptation and Higher Education - Securing our Future Pius Zebhe Yanda, Bruce C. Hewitson, Steve Makungwa,
Development and its implications for Higher Education in Southern Africa Fbebaya Olukoshi; Relebohile Moletsane; Ebrima Sall; Omano Edigheji
Mainstreaming Higher Education in National and Regional Development in Southern Africa Sayed, Yusuf; MacKenzie, Ian; Shall, Adrienne; Ward, Joanna
A Dilemma regarding Academic Freedom and Public Accountability in Higher Education Metz, Thaddeus
Linking higher education and economic development Pillay, Pundy
“Accountability in Higher Education: A Comprehensive Analytical Framework” Metz, Thaddeus
Public–private mix in the provision of higher education in East Africa:stakeholders’ perceptions Oketch, Moses
Rankings Season Is Here Altbach, Philip G.
The skills cline: higher education and the supply-demand complex in South Africa Cosser, Michael
Transforming traditions: a study of researchers in higher education Smith, Maria Jane
Addressing policy imperatives to improve access of under-represented groups to university education: a collaborative project between a university and secondary schools. Slater, Gloria
The professionalism of professors at German Fachhochshulen Vogel, Michael
Politics, ethnicity, and the mission of the University: the Kenyan example Oteino, Wycliffe
Burundi: chanllenges and conflicts Finnegan, Dorothy E
Realising the educational worth of integrating work experiences in higher education Billett, Stephen
Higher education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning: The pursuit of excellence Brew, Angela
The Arab spring: a higher education revolution that is yet to happen Mazawi, André Elias
Best practices in academic assessment in higher education: a case in formtive and shared assessment López Pastor, Víctor M.
Managing logistics higher education using logical: framework analysis Tong, Jian
Enhancing retention and success in South Africa Subotzky, George
Higher education in Africa: facing the challenges in the 21st century Mohamedbhai, Goolam
Free higher education in South Africa—why not? Badat, Saleem
Accreditation of higher education in Europe – moving towards the US model? Stensaker, Bjørn
Invisible success: Problems with the grand technological innovation in higher education Whitworth, A
Entrepreneurship- the role of Higher Education in South Africa Nicolaides, Angelo
Breaking even or breaking through: reaching financial sustainability while providing high quality standards in Higher Educationin the Middle East and North Africa Jaramillo, Adriana; Melonio, Thomas
Building regional higher education capacity through academic mobility Chien, Chiao-Ling; Chiteng Kot, Felly; Mpinganjira, Mercy; Ngamau, Kamau; Garwe, Evelyn
Rebuilding higher education in Zimbabwe: implications for regional collaboration Watson, Pam; Kotecha, Piyushi; Perold, Helene
The effects of massification on higher education in Africa Mohamedbhai, Goolam
In search of sources other than govermental in the financing of higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa: a word of caution beyond the gains Herve Some, Touorouzou
Funding strategies for quality university education in Nigeria: the principle of fiscal justice Mopelola, A ; Samuel, A
Technologies for instruction as innovative strategies in higher education: A Nigerian perspective Adegbija, Mosiforeba Victoria
Engaging the faces of 'resistance' and social change from decolonizing perspectives towards transforming neoliberal higher education Shahjahan, R
Evoluation of Botswana planning education in light of Local and International requirements Cavrić, Branko
Graduate education in Sub-Saharan Africa: prospects and challenges Hayward, F
A decade of regulating private higher education in South Africa Sehoole, Chika
West African higher education reforms Shabani, Juma
Doctoral enterprise: A holistic conception of evolving practices and arrangements Cumming, Jim
From ‘financial considerations’ to ‘poverty’: towards a reconceptualisation of the role of finances in higher education student drop out Breier, Mignonne
A policy agenda setting analysis of free higher education in a post-apartheid Edward, Letlisa Molantoa
Community engagement in South African higher education Hall, Martin
Beyond reforms: the politics of higher education transformation in Africa Aina, Tade Akin
A review of four case studies in restructuring the South African Higher Education System Gillard, Erica; Saunders, Stuart; Terblanche, John; Sukel, Maggie
Widening participation in higher education in Ghana and Tanzania Morley, Louise
Tuition fees and the challenge of making higher education a popular commodity in South Africa Ouma, Gerald Wangenge
Diversity and research practices among academics in South African universities: race for the market Thaver, Beverly
Making a case for the teaching of reading across the curriculum in higher education Bharuthram, Sharita
Higher education in the wake of new ICT: reaping benefits or creating more problems through e-learning? Seke Mboungou Mouyabi, J
Inclusion and exclusion in higher education: paradoxes in distance education Aluko, R.
Academic preparedness of students – an exploratory study Du Plessis, L; Gerber, D
Universities in Africa: Working on Excellence for Whom? Zeelen, Jacques
The transition to equity in South African higher education: governance, fairness, and trust in everyday academic practice Thaver, Beverley
(Mis)framing Higher Education in South Africa Bozalek, Vivienne; Boughey, Chrissie
Strategic planning procedure: an imperative for effective management of higher education in Nigeria Modebelu, MN; Joseph, Anebi
Beyond Engagement Exploring Tensions between the Academic Core and Engagement Activities at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa VanSchalkwyk, Francois; Bailey, Tracy
Rethinking 'learning' in higher education: viewing the student as social actor Williams, Kevin F
African students in India: patterns of mobility Lavakara, PJ; Powar, KB
Development and implementation of a mentoring programme at a historically disadvantaged South African university Clever, Ndebele; Jacques, van Heerden; Owence, Chabaya
Development and implementation of a mentoring programme at a historically disadvantaged South African university Ndebele, C; Van Heerden, J; Chabaya, O
Equitable access to higher education: trends, commodification and quality dimensions in Namibia Tshabangu, Icarbord; Matakala, Vincent; Zulu, Africa
Multi-institutional partnerships for higher education in Africa: a case study of assumptions of international academic collaboration Ladislaus, M. Semali; Rose, Baker; Rob, Freer
How Women in higher education negotiate work and home: a study of selected women at a university in South Africa Bhana, Deevia; Pillay, Venitha
Translating equitable access into retention and success in African higher education: the role and responsibility of individual institutions Essack, Sabiha
Making sense of professionalism and being a professional in a Kenyan higher education context Calverta, Mike; Muchira-Tirimab, Koi
De-westernising research methodologies: alternative approaches to research for higher education curricula in developing countries Papoutsaki, Evangelia
What’s in a name? a theoretical exploration of the proliferation of labels for international education across the higher education sector Whitsed, Craig; Green, Wendy
Why the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland Failed: Lessons from the Brief History of a Regional University in Southern Africa Mokopakgosi, Brian T.
Assessing the outcomes of the higher education mergers in South Africa: Implications for strategic management Arnolds, A; Stofile, Regina; Lillah, Riyaadh
Constructing a differentiated tertiary education system Salmi, Jamil
Internationalisation of African higher education, towards achieving the MDGs Sehoole, Chika; Knight, Jane
University access, inclusion and social justice Hlalele, D; Alexander, G.
The Influence of Context in the South African Higher Education System: A Social Realist Critique Ndileleni, P. M; Maphosa, Cosmas
Individual performance contracts in higher education : a critical appraisal Kroeze, Irma J.
The Aims of HIgher Education Metz, Thaddeus
Higher education and the public good : precarious potential? Singh, Mala
Implementation of cost sharing in the Ethiopian higher education landscape: critical assessment and the way forward Teshome, Yizengaw
Women and higher education leadership in Kenya: a critical analysis Odhiambo, George
Institutional ranking in a differentiated higher education in South Africa Ntshoe, I.M; Selesho, J.M.
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