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Title Author
Going to University : The Influence of higher education on the lives of young South Africans Case, JM; Marshall, D; McKenna, S; Mogashana, D
Financing higher education in Africa Blair, R.D.D.
French aid and the crisis of higher education in Francophone Africa Orivel, Francois
The state of higher education: a report of a survey of Uganda's institutions of higher learning National Council for Higher Education (Uganda)
Quality Assurance in international, African and Southern African contexts Fourie, Magda; van der Westhuizen, Louis
Harmonization of higher education in Africa: a strategy for the African Union COMEDAF, Bureau of the Conference of Ministers of Education of the African Union
Harmonisation challenges in higher education: case of the French and British bicultural system in Cameroon Doh, Pascal Samfoga
Higher education quality assurance in Sub-Saharan Africa: status, challenges, opportunities and promising practices Materu, Peter
Higher education in Africa: crisis, reforms and transformation Assie-Lumumba, N'dri T.
Private higher education in Uganda: the case of its distribution, contribution to access and costs. Nkata, James L.
Costs and financing of higher education in Francophone Africa Brossard, Mathieu; Foko, Borel
Higher education in Francophone Africa: what tools can be used to support financially-sustainable policies Gioan, Pierre Antoine
The role of national universities commissions in university administration: a critique. Anumnu, Stella I.
Towards greater economic and developmental perspectives in the funding of fast-expanding higher education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Cameroon Doh, Pascal Samfoga
Garbage in garbage out: the need to strengthen institutional management capacity of the higher education system in Cameroon. Titanji, Peter Fon
The Final Ends of Higher Education in Light of an African Moral Theory Metz, Thaddeus
Heavy job or heavy top? role of vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor, university secretary, bursar and academic registrar at Makerere University. Ssempebwa, Jude
Leadership Challenges for Higher Education in Southern Africa Watson, Pam; Motala, Enver; Kotecha, Piyushi
Profile of Higher Education in the Region Butcher, Neil; MacDonald, Catherine; Wilson-Strydom, Merridy; Hoosen, Sarah; Moore, Andrew; Barnes, Lindsay
Assessing four budget-balancing strategies in higher education Hauptman, Arthur M.
The effects of massification on higher education in Africa Mohamedbhai, Goolam
The Kenyan school systems’ impact on public higher education access: examination of growth, access, and challenges Yakaboski, Tamara; Nolan, Katelyn
The purpose of the Ph.D. — A South African perspective Herman, Chaya
A review of four case studies in restructuring the South African Higher Education System Gillard, Erica; Saunders, Stuart; Terblanche, John; Sukel, Maggie
Partnerships in Africa in the new era of internationalization Teferra, Damtew
Strategic planning of higher education institutions in africa: a case study of the University of Dar-es-Salaam Luhanga, Matthew
Higher education for development in Rwanda Schendel, Rebecca; Mazimhaka, Jolly; Ezeanya, Chika
Development and implementation of a mentoring programme at a historically disadvantaged South African university Ndebele, C; Van Heerden, J; Chabaya, O
Translating equitable access into retention and success in African higher education: the role and responsibility of individual institutions Essack, Sabiha
Assessing the outcomes of the higher education mergers in South Africa: Implications for strategic management Arnolds, A; Stofile, Regina; Lillah, Riyaadh
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