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Title Author
Affiliation policy rhetoric and reality in the Ghanaian higher education context Ansah, F; Swanzy, P
Higher education in Nigeria: a status report Saint, William; Hartnett, Teresa A.; Strassner, Erich
The contribution of higher education to reconstructing South African society: opportunities, constraints, and cautionary tales Subotzky, George
Evaluation of the policy objectives of the reforms to the tertiary education system Effah, Paul
Meeting the dual demands of global competitiveness and redistributive development: constraints and opportunities for the historically black universities Subotzky, George
The emergence of the East African Institute of Higher Education Studies and Development in Makerere University Sekabembe, Beatrice
Tuition policies in a comparative perspective: theoretical and political rationales Marcucci, Pamela; Johnstone, D. Bruce
Gender and access in commonwealth higher education Morley, Louise
Equity, development and new knowledge production: an overview of the new higher education policy environment in post-apartheid South Africa Kraak, Andre
Equity in higher education Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F.
Higher education and social transformation: South Africa case study Reddy, Thiven
Widening participation in higher education in Ghana and Tanzania: developing an equity scorecard, Working paper 1: setting the scene Morley, Louise; Leach, Fiona; Lugg, Rosemary; Lihamba, Amandina; Opare, James; Bhalalusesa, Eustella; Forde, Linda Dzama; Egbenya, Godwin; Mwaipopo, Rosemarie
ICT policies and strategies in higher education in South Africa: national and institutional pathways Cross, Michael; Adam, Fatima
Higher education policy development in contemporary South Africa Moja, Teboho; Hayward, Fred
Managing integrity: policy and institutional perspectives for Egyptian higher education Badrawi, Hossam
Higher education in Francophone Africa: what tools can be used to support financially-sustainable policies Gioan, Pierre Antoine
Diversifying Finance of Higher Education Systems in the Third World: The Cases of Kenya and Mongolia. Weidman, John
Higher education, finance and development. Tumusiime-Mutebire, Emmanuel
Explaining the underutilization of higher education research in the formulation of Africa's socio-economic development policies: the case of Uganda. Kasenene, Edris, S.
The changing face of redress in South Africa (1990 - 2005) Moja, Teboho; Hayward, Fred
The state of higher education in South Africa: from massification to mergers Jansen, Jonathan
Policy discourses about teaching excellence in a transforming South Africa Searle, Ruth; McKenna, Sioux
The Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa: How Much Have We Achieved? Perceptions of Policy Developments 1997-2003 and Outlook for the Next Five Years Luescher, Thierry; Symes, Ashley
Deliberative democracy and higher education policy discourse in South Africa: in defence of equitable redress Waghid, Yusef
Case III: University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Githinji, Philip
From Manpower Planning to the Knowledge Era: World Bank Policies on Higher Education in Africa Samoff, Joel; Carrol, Bidemi
The price of higher education: how rational is British tuition fee policy? Miller, Brian
Addressing policy imperatives to improve access of under-represented groups to university education: a collaborative project between a university and secondary schools. Slater, Gloria
Free higher education in South Africa—why not? Badat, Saleem
Tensions between 'fitness of purpose' and 'fitness for purpose': the introduction of a national quality assurance system in South Africa Luckett, Kathy
The purpose of the Ph.D. — A South African perspective Herman, Chaya
Symbolism and substance: towards an understanding of change and continuity in South African higher education Subotzky, George
Constructing a differentiated tertiary education system Salmi, Jamil
Women and higher education leadership in Kenya: a critical analysis Odhiambo, George
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