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Title Author
The impact of race, gender, and culture in South African higher education Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng; Mawila, Kaluke
Communication culture within Nigerian universities: gender dimensions, obstacles and influence on the work-role of the academics Anyakoha, Elizabeth U.; Uzuegbunam, Anthony O.; Ezeike, Kodilichukwa S.
Gender in the making of the Nigerian university system Pereira, Charmaine
Lost in liberalism: a case study of the disappearance of the gender agenda at a South African university Shackleton, Lesley
Higher education and work in Africa: a comparative empirical study in selected countries Mugabushaka, Alexis-Michel; Schomburg, Harald; Teichler, Ulrich
Gender disparity in education: an Eritrean perspective. Rena, Ravinder
Gender Differences in Adolescent on Problems of Adolescent Delinquency in Nigeria Universities: Implications on Management, Policy and Planning of School Based HIV/Aids Education. Akinsolu, A. Olatoun
Democratising higher education in Ghana and Tanzania: Opportunity structures and social inequalities Morley, Louise; Leach, Fiona; Lugg, Rosemary
Encouraging greater enrollments of women in science and technology: the Malawi Polytechnic experience Gomile-Chidyaonga, Flossie
An analysis of female research productivity in Nigerian universities Ogbogu, Christiana O.
Gender, power and managerialism in universities White, Kate; Carvalhob, Teresa; Riordanc, Sarah
The challenges of feminism: gender, ethics and responsible academic freedom in African Universities Mama, Amina
Women and higher education leadership in Kenya: a critical analysis Odhiambo, George
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