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Title Author
The place of E-learning in Africa's institutions of higher learning Nafukho, Frederick
Technological change in learning environments: the case of the university of Botswana Molelu, Gabathuse Blackie; Uys, Philip M.
Assessment of Africa's telematics, policy and regulatory infrastructure: potential for e-learning Mutula, Stephen
Technological innovation and management strategies for higher education in Africa: harmonizing reality and idealism Uys, Philip M.; Nleya, Paul; Molelu, G.B.
The promise of e-learning in Africa: the potential for public-private partnerships La Rocque, Norman; Latham, Michael
Challenges and opportunities of e-learning networks in Africa Ahmed, Allam; Nwagwu, Williams E.
Assessment of the effectiveness of the CAD elearning certificate at the University of Botswana Gachago, Daniela; Mafote, Spoon; Munene-Kabanya, Anne; Lee, Marilyn
Linking students from the University of Ghana and Kwantlen University College: challenges confronted and lessons (UN)Learned Quist-Adade, Charles
Degrees of openness: the emergence of open educational resources at the University of Cape Town Hodgkinson-Williams, Cheryl; Gray, Eve
Developing lifelong learning skills through eLearning-the case of Masters of Adult Education students at the University of Botswana Gachago, Daniela
Survey of e-Learning in Africa: based on a questionnaire survey of people on the e-Learning Africa database in 2007 Unwin, Tim
Distinguishing the Field of Educational Technology. Czerniewicz, Laura
E-Learning policy making processes: an evidence based application at Kenyatta University Marsabit Distance Learning Centre. Gatimu, Kiranga
Quality assurance and relevance of distance education at the University of Ibadan Distance Learning Centre, Nigeria. Owoeye, J.S.
E-Learning platform usage by students in institutions of higher learning. Moya, Musa; Akodo, Robinah
When and how CD-ROM technology is a preferred option to mitigate the tyranny of distance. Gatimu, Kiranga
A Model for Scaffolding Traditional Distance Learners in Africa for Constructivistic Online Learning. Muyinda, Paul B.; Lubega, Jude T.; Lynch, Kathy
Of Social entities and Collaborative Approaches [e]Learning enhancement in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): Case study of the University of the Western Cape. Mapuva, Jephias; Muyengwa, Loveness
Developing e-learning courseware through prototyping to achieve sustainable development in higher education: some conceptual and pedagogical principles. Onasanya, S.A.; Oduwaiye, R.O.; Shehu, R.A.
Brave new world - a student perspective on social media and learning Elizabeth, Bennett; Kathy, Boyer
Higher education in the wake of new ICT: reaping benefits or creating more problems through e-learning? Seke Mboungou Mouyabi, J
An interactive mobile learning system for enhancing learning in higher education Boyinbode, O; Bagula, A; Ng'ambi, D
Does a university teacher need to change e-learning beliefs and practices when using a social networking site? A longitudinal case study Scott, Karen M
Introducing e-learning in a South African Higher Education Institution: challenges arising from an intervention and possible responses Bharuthram, Sharita; Kies, Carolynn
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