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Title Author
Research capacity of the higher education sector in developing countries Sanyal, Bikas C; Varghese, N.V.
Options for peer-reviewing of the electronic journal: opportunities for the participation of developing countries' scientists in mainstream science Nwagwu, Williams
Promoting African Research and Education Networking (PAREN) Steiner, Roy; Tirivayi, Allan; Tirivayi, Nyasha; Jensen, Mike; Hamilton, Paul; Buechler, Jack
African Tertiary Institutions Connectivity Survey (ATICS): 2006 Report Gakio, Karanja
University-level education for women in the developing world: questions for public policy Herz, Barbara
Financing distance education programmes in African education: a guide for sound investment Butcher, Neil
New pathways to sustainability: African universities in a globalising world Swartz, Derrick
Female participation in African universities: issues of concern and possible action Masanja, Verdiana; Karega, Regina; Kasente, Deborah; Mboya, Mary; Kadi, Alzouma; Simelane, Nomcebo; Nyamu, Florence
Optimizing the potential of educational computing research in emerging countries Bisaso, Ronald
How can Africa maximise the development impact of cross-border higher education?: conditions for growth, current characteristics and enhancement for development Garrett, Richard
Assessment of Africa's telematics, policy and regulatory infrastructure: potential for e-learning Mutula, Stephen
The history of language policy in Africa with reference to language choice in education Abdulaziz, Mohamed H.
Technological innovation and management strategies for higher education in Africa: harmonizing reality and idealism Uys, Philip M.; Nleya, Paul; Molelu, G.B.
The promise of e-learning in Africa: the potential for public-private partnerships La Rocque, Norman; Latham, Michael
Private Higher Education in Africa Varghese, N.V.
External quality assurance of higher education in Anglophone Africa Martin, Michaela; Pereyra, Jimena; Sing, Mala; Stella, Antony
The internet in African universities: case studies from Kenya and Nigeria Adeya, Catherine Nyaki; Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Banji
Student governance in Africa: Thematic summary of key literature Luescher, Thierry
The African brain drain: intellectual diaspora to manage the drain: what are the options? Onsando, Patrick
Development impact of higher education in Africa: the case of Uganda Obwona, Marios; Ssewanyana, Sarah N.
The role and mission of the university in African society Teekens, Hanneke; Jongbloed, Ben
Towards a strategic African engagement: conceptual, logistical and structural issues about GATS Yeowart, Tessa; Mthembu, Thandwa
The funding of higher education in developing countries Jongbloed, Ben
Towards academic freedom for Africa in the 21st century Mama, Amina
African higher education institutions responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic Katjavivi, Peter H.; Otaala, Barnabas
A model of cooperative education on peace support operations in Africa De Montfort, Pierre Juan
Cybernating the academe: Centralization of science assessment as hegemony, an African alternative Nwagwu, Williams
Emerging issues in education management in developing countries in the 21st century Nkata, James L.
Challenges and opportunities of e-learning networks in Africa Ahmed, Allam; Nwagwu, Williams E.
Pursuing gender equality in the African university Mama, Amina
Growing a knowledge-based economy: evidence from public expenditure on education in Africa Kamara, Abdul; Bousrih, Lobnah; Nyende, Magidu
Beyond the ABC's: higher education and developing countries Kapur, Devesh; Crowley, Megan
Higher education in economic transformation Juma, Calestous; Sherrard, Daniel; Zaglul, Jose
Reinventing growth: science, technology and innovation in Africa Juma, Calestous
Investing in ICT's in educational institutions in developing countries: an evaluation of their impact in Kenya Wims, Padraig; Lawler, Mark
Higher education in Africa: crisis, reforms and transformation Assie-Lumumba, N'dri T.
Turning the ebbing tide: knowledge flows and health in low-income countries Mc Auliffe, Eilish; MacLachlan, Malcolm
Universities and social transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: global rhetoric and local contradictions Lebeau, Yann
UbuntuNet Alliance: A collaborative research platform for sharing of technological tools for eradication of brain drain Mbale, Jameson; Kadzamira, Zimani D.; Martin, Duncan; Kyalo, Victor
Developing creative research environments in least developed countries: strategies for international cooperation Olsson, Berit
Brain drain or brain gain? Global policy on scientific mobility 1990-2007: The role of universities Logue, Danielle
HIV & AIDS and higher education in Africa: a review of best practice models and trends Association of African Universities, AAU
Teacher education beyond university four walls Anamuah-Mensah, Jophus; Erinosho, Stella
Brain drain in the health sector in Africa: examples from the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan Nigeria Mbanefoh, Nkechi
Internationalisation of a South African university within the African continent: the case of Stellenbosch University Mavhungu, K.
Promoting and managing links with universities in Africa Ebong, M.B.
ICT and economic development in Africa: the role of higher education institutions Ng'ambi, Dick
Staff retention in African universities: elements of a sustainable strategy Tettey, Wisdom J.
Higher education in Africa and the critical question of brain drain: the case of Nigerian Americans Afolayan, Michael O.
Higher education and work in Africa: a comparative empirical study in selected countries Mugabushaka, Alexis-Michel; Schomburg, Harald; Teichler, Ulrich
The professional insertion of African graduates: the case of the Universite de Conakry Barry, Mamdou Gando
Survey of e-Learning in Africa: based on a questionnaire survey of people on the e-Learning Africa database in 2007 Unwin, Tim
Trends in student use of ICTs in higher education in South Africa. Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura
Bandwidth bottlenecks at the University of Botswana: complications for library, campus, and national development Gerhan, David; Mutula, Stephen
Globalization and the university: myths and realities in an unequal world Altbach, Philip
The polity and the university: an African perspective Mazrui, Ali
The future of mobile learning in the Nigerian education system Adedoja, Gloria; Botha, Adele
Africa and international policy making for lifelong learning: textual revelations Preece, Julia
De-westernising research methodologies: alternative approaches to research for higher education curricula in developing countries Papoutsaki, Evangelia
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