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Title Author
The transformative aspect of open and distance learning towards equity and national brain gain: the Zimbabwe Open University case. Kurasha, Primrose
The African brain drain: intellectual diaspora to manage the drain: what are the options? Onsando, Patrick
Investing in return: rates of return of African PhDs trained in North America Brhane, Mesky; Kassimir, Ronald; Pires, Mike
The internationalisation of higher education in South Africa: progress and challenges Kishun, Roshen
Sisyphus or the scientific communities of Algeria El Kenz, Ali; Waast, Roland
Higher education in Africa: crisis, reforms and transformation Assie-Lumumba, N'dri T.
Postgraduate training in agricultural sciences in Ethiopia: achievements and challenges Belay, Kassa
Turning the ebbing tide: knowledge flows and health in low-income countries Mc Auliffe, Eilish; MacLachlan, Malcolm
Internal brain drain and its impact on higher education institutions' capacity building and human resource development in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Tanzania Ishengoma, Johnson M.
Brain drain or brain gain? Global policy on scientific mobility 1990-2007: The role of universities Logue, Danielle
The brain drain phenomenon in Nigeria and struggles by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to redress it Yaqub, Nuhu
Brain drain in the health sector in Africa: examples from the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan Nigeria Mbanefoh, Nkechi
Science and technology human resource capacity building in Africa: the role of regional cooperation Massaquoi, Joseph
Opportunities for forging higher education partnerships with Africans in the Diaspora Akinmusuru, Joe; Esiobu, Diuto; Obiekwe, Mike
Staff retention in African universities: elements of a sustainable strategy Tettey, Wisdom J.
Higher education in Africa and the critical question of brain drain: the case of Nigerian Americans Afolayan, Michael O.
Brain drain in African academic libraries: a survey Abiodun I, Ibraheem; Christopher, Devine
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