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Increasing access and equity in higher education-the role of open universities and distance education: the experience of the open university of Tanzania Mmari, G
Higher education in Nigeria: a status report Saint, William; Hartnett, Teresa A.; Strassner, Erich
University-level education for women in the developing world: questions for public policy Herz, Barbara
Change and transformation in Ghana's publicly funded univerisites: a study of experiences, lessons and opportunities Manuh, Takyiwaa; Gariba, Sulley; Budu, Joseph
Female participation in African universities: issues of concern and possible action Masanja, Verdiana; Karega, Regina; Kasente, Deborah; Mboya, Mary; Kadi, Alzouma; Simelane, Nomcebo; Nyamu, Florence
The philosophy and practices of open learning: a case study for the Central University of Technology, Free State De Beer, Karel; Hay, HR.; Bezuidenhout, J.
Restore, reform but do not transform: the gender politics of higher education in Africa Mama, Amina
The African Virtual University: the limits and possibilities of distance education in Africa-the case of the African university Dzvimbo, Kuzvinetsa Peter
Structural changes and equal opportunity for all: a case study of the University of Dar es Salaam Masanja, Verdiana Grace
Equity policies in higher education : a legal evaluation of institutional responses Faakye, Solomon
Steering from a distance: funding mechanisms and student access and success in higher education in South Africa Breier, Mignonne; Le Roux, Pieter
Widening access in higher education in Zimbabwe Kariwo, Michael Tonderai
Gender and access in commonwealth higher education Morley, Louise
Pursuing gender equality in the African university Mama, Amina
Epistemological access to the university: An alternative perspective Boughey, Chrissie
The gap between the demand for and supply of university education in Nigeria (1979 - 2002). Oyebade, S.A.; Keshinro, O.A.
The implementation of recognition of prior learning at universities and technikons in South Africa 2003 Breier, Mignonne; Burness, Andre
New ways of mediating learning: investigating the implications of adopting open educational resources for tertiary education at an institution in the United Kingdom as compared to one in South Africa Wilson, Tina
Gender equity in commonwealth higher education: an examination of sustainable interventions in selected commonwealth universities Morley, Louise; Gunawardena, Chandra; Kwesiga, Joy; Lihamba, Amandina; Odejide, Abiola; Shackleton, Lesley; Sorhaindo, Annik
Access to and equity in university education: a status report in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Oyebade, S. A.; Oladipo, S.A.; Adetoro, J.A.
Improvements in access/ lifelong learning: dual mode example at the University of Mauritius Parahoo, S.K. Azad; Fagoonee, I
On student access and equity in a reforming university: Makerere in the 1990s and beyond. Kwesiga, Joy C.; Ahikire, Josephine
Coping with the challenges of higher education in the twenty-first century. Kajubi, William Senteza
Challenges facing African universities: selected issues Sawyerr, Akilagpa
Access and equity to higher education in Uganda: Whose children attend university and are paid for by the state? Kasozi, A.B.K
The impact of South Africa’s ICT infrastructure on higher education Brown, Cheryl; Thomas, Herbert; van der Merwe, Antoinette; van Dyk, Liezl
The Virtual Möbius strip: Access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in higher education in the Western Cape Brown, Cheryl; Czerniewicz, Laura
From Public University Dominance to Private University Policy Initiatives in Nigeria: the Push and Pull Factors. Gboyega, Ilusanya; Oyebade, Stephen Adebanjo
Senteza Kajubi's philosophy of widening access to higher education and its implications for research and development in Uganda. Mande, Wilson Muyinda
Beyond the university gates: Provision of Extended Curriculum Programmes in South Africa Hutchings, Catherine; Garraway, James
Linking higher education and economic development Pillay, Pundy
Funding and the attainment of transformation goals in South Africa's higher education Wangenge-Ouma, Gerald
The effects of massification on higher education in Africa Mohamedbhai, Goolam
Prospects for the development of higher education in Kenya Weidman, John
The Kenyan school systems’ impact on public higher education access: examination of growth, access, and challenges Yakaboski, Tamara; Nolan, Katelyn
Increasing equity and compensating historically academically disadvantaged students at a tertiary level: benefits of a Science Foundation Programme as a way of access Downs, Colleen
African studies and universities since independence Zeleza, Paul Tiyambe
Striving at the periphery, craving for the centre: The realm of african scholarly communication in the digital age Teferra, Damtew
Some myths on equity and access in higher education Bitzer, EM
Some issues in affirmative action in higer education in South Africa Soudien, C
African students in India: patterns of mobility Lavakara, PJ; Powar, KB
Equitable access to higher education: trends, commodification and quality dimensions in Namibia Tshabangu, Icarbord; Matakala, Vincent; Zulu, Africa
Academic writing ability and performance of first year university student in South Africa Maher, Claire
A descriptive assessment of higher education access, participation, equity, and disparity in Ghana Atuahene, Francis; Owusu-Ansah, Anthony
Increasing access and equity in higher education: gender issues Mlama, P.M.
University access, inclusion and social justice Hlalele, D; Alexander, G.
Implications of evolving economic Ideology and higher education access policy for Africa, 1960- 2010 Omwami, Edith Mukudi
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