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Title Author Date
Assessment of the effectiveness of the CAD elearning certificate at the University of Botswana Gachago, Daniela; Mafote, Spoon; Munene-Kabanya, Anne; Lee, Marilyn 2007
Bandwidth bottlenecks at the University of Botswana: complications for library, campus, and national development Gerhan, David; Mutula, Stephen 2005
Challenges of course development and implementation in a dual mode institution in Botswana Kamau, Judith 1999
Developing lifelong learning skills through eLearning-the case of Masters of Adult Education students at the University of Botswana Gachago, Daniela 2008
Evaluating institutional capacity for research ethics in Africa: a case study from Botswana Adnan, Hyder; Waleed, Zafar; Joseph, Ali; Robert, Ssekubugu; Paul, Ndebele; Nancy, Kass 2013
Evoluation of Botswana planning education in light of Local and International requirements Cavrić, Branko 2011
ICT human development in an African university: the conception and implementation of the University of Botswana skills-based ICT education and training programme. Ojo, Sunday O. 2005
Reflections on organisational restructuring and change in a Southern African university: The case of the University of Botswana Fako, Thabo 2004
Technological change in learning environments: the case of the university of Botswana Molelu, Gabathuse Blackie; Uys, Philip M. 2003
Testing a recent model of ICT in development: Botswana and its university Gerhan, David; Mutula, Stephen 2007
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