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Browse the papers by choosing one of the following focus areas*.

National Systems and Comparative Studies
Higher education in relation to the economy, state, community, responsiveness, global trends, borderless higher education.
Institutional Management
Missions, policy development, planning processes, organisation structures, leadership, cultures, evaluation and review.
Teaching and Learning
Design and delivery of programmes, teaching methodologies, innovations, levels and modes of study, learning styles, study methods, assessment, evaluation, subject specific studies, online learning, distance education, learning support and libraries.
Research policy (national and institutional), funding, intellectual property, technology transfer, scholarly communication and publication.
Characteristics, recruitment - access and selection, experiences, performance, progression, support services, financial aid, retention, graduation, careers, alumni, undergraduate, postgraduate, post experience.
Characteristics, recruitment, development, roles, appraisal, conditions of service, equity issues, trade unionism.
Finance and Physical Resources
Funding methodologies, costings, income generation, resource allocation, financial management, buildings and plant management, design of learning environment.
Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
History, philosophy, sociology, research design and methodologies
*These divisions are borrowed from the headings used by the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE).