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Title Author Date
Mapping our way to coherence, alignment and responsiveness Bester, M; Scholtz, D 2012
Mapping the ethnographic journey: A ‘road map’ for novice researchers wanting to engage in ethnography, critical theory and policy analysis. Naidu, Shamalin 2010
Monitoring the pathways and outcomes of people from disadvantaged backgrounds and graduate groups Edwards, Daniel 2011
Moral crisis in higher institutions and the dress code phenomenon. Fayokun, K.O.; Adedeji, S.O.; Oyebade, S.A. 2009
Multi-institutional partnerships for higher education in Africa: a case study of assumptions of international academic collaboration Ladislaus, M. Semali; Rose, Baker; Rob, Freer 2013
Optical fibre for education and research networks in Eastern and Southern Africa Adam, Lishan; Bagula, Antoine; Chikumbi, Godfrey; Comstedt, Anders; Martin, Duncan; Muchanga, Americo; Ngwira, Margaret; Nkusi, Issa; Pehrson, Bjorn 2006
Organizational Characteristics as Correlates of ICT adoption in Makerere University. Bakkabulindi, F.E.K.; Nkata, J.L.; Amin, Martin E. 2008
Out of Africa: a typology for analysing open educational resources initiatives Bateman, Peter; Lane, Andy; Moon, Bob 2012
Pedagogical implications of students' misconceptions about deductive geometric proof Ndlovu, Mdutshekelwa; Mji, Andile 2012
Peer to peer support: the disappearing work in the doctoral student experience Rosemerry, Devenish; Sylvia, Dyer; Therese, Jefferson; Linley,Lord; Sue van,Leeuwen; Victor, Fazakerley 2009
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