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Title Author Date
Optical fibre for education and research networks in Eastern and Southern Africa Adam, Lishan; Bagula, Antoine; Chikumbi, Godfrey; Comstedt, Anders; Martin, Duncan; Muchanga, Americo; Ngwira, Margaret; Nkusi, Issa; Pehrson, Bjorn 2006
Organizational Characteristics as Correlates of ICT adoption in Makerere University. Bakkabulindi, F.E.K.; Nkata, J.L.; Amin, Martin E. 2008
Out of Africa: a typology for analysing open educational resources initiatives Bateman, Peter; Lane, Andy; Moon, Bob 2012
Pedagogical implications of students' misconceptions about deductive geometric proof Ndlovu, Mdutshekelwa; Mji, Andile 2012
Peer to peer support: the disappearing work in the doctoral student experience Rosemerry, Devenish; Sylvia, Dyer; Therese, Jefferson; Linley,Lord; Sue van,Leeuwen; Victor, Fazakerley 2009
Perceived characteristics as correlates of ICT adoption in Makerere University. Bakkabulindi, Fred E. K.; Nkata, James L.; Amin, Martin E. 2009
Percieved ICT facilitation, employee competences and performance of MFIs in Uganda Moya, Musa; Wanda, Robert; Akodo, Robinah 2010
Policy analysis Moja, Teboho 2003
Predicators of self-employment efforts among unemployed Nigerian graduates. Kolawole, C.O.O.; Arikpo, P.A. 2008
Private higher education in Uganda: the case of its distribution, contribution to access and costs. Nkata, James L. 2004
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